Clown Attacks Little Girl On Street, Verbal Assault Astonishes Onlookers

An Australian busker clown verbally attacked a young cello-playing girl in Sydney this week. The young girl was playing the cello for a crowd of people when the irate clown berated the child for playing in his spot, causing an outrage amongst the onlookers.

The incident was captured on video by one of the onlookers in the crowd. The unnamed clown approached the cello-playing young girl as she performed for the crowd, just days before Christmas. The young girl apparently took her position in the clown’s busking spot, according to Metro. He was visibly upset that the young girl was in his spot. However, instead of simply allowing her to finish her song and then asking her to leave, the clown became verbally abusive and shouted at the youngster to get out of his spot.

The entire incident took place in Sydney’s Chinatown district, where a busker must apply for a permit to perform within the city. It is unknown whether the young girl had a permit to play the cello, or if she was aware the angry clown typically took his position within the spot to perform on a regular basis.

Despite the clown’s claim on the spot, the onlookers were angry that he chose to berate the young girl instead of simply ask her to leave. As he demanded her to take leave, many of the onlookers quickly sided with the girl, and some yelled obscenities at the horrible clown.

“She’s a little girl, you f***head.”

The clown, although unhappy with the situation and irate that the girl took his spot did eventually realize that he was in the wrong and chose to back away before the crowd took matters into their own hands, according to the Daily Mail.

The man that called the clown names that started with the F-word, in the video, has become somewhat of a viral sensation across the Internet, becoming known as the “vigilante of Chinatown” on Reddit.

“Old mate just trying to enjoy a pre-Christmas frothie at the Covent Garden Hotel with the sweet sounds of the cello in the background. He wasn’t having any of this clowns s***.”

Although his celebrity status may be short-lived, he is one of the few that have chosen not to let the threatening nature of clowns to scare him. Throughout 2016, there have been multiple incidents of clowns threatening individuals in public places, causing a lack of trust toward anyone dressed in a clown costume. Although the phase has all but died down, anyone in a clown outfit is almost automatically considered to be a nuisance, unless they appear in a fair or circus environment. As such, the berating clown of Dixton Street could have experienced his day ending in a much more violent nature. Luckily, he chose to simply walk away and let the crowd enjoy the music that the little girl was performing.

Clown Attacks Little Girl On Street, Verbal Assault Astonishes Onlookers
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Right or wrong, the incident reminds us that there are multiple ways to approach a situation. In the case of the berating clown, his verbal attacks on the little girl brought the onlookers to her aid, forcing the clown to simply walk away. However, he could have easily turned the situation into a positive one by performing alongside the young cello-playing girl, incorporating his act into hers, creating a beautiful mix of music and laughter.

What are your thoughts, should the young girl have left the spot or was the clown in the wrong for approaching her at all?

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