Man Writes Emotional Tribute To Pregnant Wife Who Died Days Before Christmas

Brandon Forseth wanted nothing more but to spend Christmas with his girlfriend of nearly a year, Kylee Bruce, who was pregnant with the couple’s first child. Sadly, however, Brandon will never get that opportunity.

According to The Bulletin, Bruce was killed in a car accident on Tuesday night. The news site reported that Kylee lost control while attempting to pass another car and slid into oncoming traffic and was T-boned by a 2005 Pontiac. She died at the scene of the accident.

The next day, Brandon penned a heartbreaking tribute to the love of his life, and revealed that they were preparing to welcome a new baby in June. His post has touched the hearts of people all over the world, and has since been shared over 215,000 times. The couple hadn’t told anyone about the pregnancy yet, and were waiting until she was 20 weeks to do so.

“You made me promise not to announce our baby to the world until 20 weeks when we found out the sex,” Brandon shared, along with a photo of three stockings — one said Kylee, the other Brandon, and the other Baby with its ultrasound laying on top of it. “We were going to make a funny announcement video and share it with everyone. You were 18 weeks pregnant with my first child, and I lost you both last night.

“You would have been the best mom Ky. You made me so happy, you were my future.. everything I did, as hard as I’ve worked, every decision I made had you and your happiness in mind. I’m sorry I’m breaking my promise right now and telling everyone a couple weeks early, but I was so proud of you, and I want everyone to know how committed you were to this child.”

Forseth continued his post by apologizing to Kylee for not being able to protect her during the car accident, and not going with her when she asked him to.

“I couldn’t keep you safe last night. I should have went with you to Bend like you asked.. I shouldn’t have been too tired, and maybe things would have worked out differently,” he wrote. “What a twisted, cruel world we live in that decides to take a clean, beautiful, innocent soul like yours away, instead of mine. I’d switch places with you in a second.”

Forseth added that he was writing his post while looking at the Christmas tree they had picked out and cut down together. By the tree, he said, there were “beautifully wrapped and neatly stacked” presents that she had picked out just for him. Kylee’s presents, Brandon said, weren’t yet wrapped, but he wanted her to know what they were.

“A vanity, so you finally would have a place to do your makeup instead of sharing the tiny little bathroom mirror with me in the morning, multiple books because you love to read, a soup thermos so you could pack hot lunches to your brand new pre-school teaching job in Bend that you were so excited about, that beanie from Eddie Bauer that matched your scarf perfectly, your own set of camo clothing so you could hunt with me next year and not have to borrow my xlarge coat, fuzzy socks and sweaters to keep you warm.”

Brandon concluded his post by telling Kylee how wonderful of a mother she will be to their baby in heaven, and telling them both to rest in peace.

“I know you’ll be the best Mom in heaven to our little one when he/she is born in June. I wish I could see its little face just one time. I know it would have been beautiful just like its mother. Merry Christmas sugar, I promise not to open my gifts until Christmas morning.

“Rest in Peace Kylee Bruce
Rest in Peace Braylee or Talon, daddy loves you so so very much.”

A GoFundMe page has been created to help with Kylee’s memorial expenses. In only two days, the page has raised $22,005 of its original $12,000 goal.

She was pregnant when she died.????
Kylee Bruce Memorial Expenses

— Prop215 Patient☮ (@Prop215Patient) December 23, 2016

Along with Forseth, Bruce left behind her mother (Gaylene), father (Thom), seven siblings, and her nieces and nephew.

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