Allegedly Drunken Pennsylvania Woman Jumped Into Creek To Save Ducks During Hurricane Sandy

Glen Rock, PA – A Pennsylvania woman was allegedly drunk when she jumped into a flooded creek to rescue wild ducks during Hurricane Sandy. When Justina Lyn Laniewski made her dangerous wade into Codorus Creek on Monday night, her preschool child reportedly attempted to follow her.

Thankfully, a quick-thinking neighbor grabbed a hold of the youngster before the child made it all the way into the water. Although Laniewski made it out of the raging creek alive, it took eight firefighters from at a nearby station to rescue the 41-year-old woman, according to Yahoo News.

The allegedly drunken woman and her daughter were reportedly at a home near the firehouse on Hanover Street. After Laniewski saw the 25 or so ducks on the flooding creek, she allegedly voiced her desire to save the birds.

Justina’s failed duck rescue placed her in neck-high waters as Hurricane Sandy rolled ashore. Glen Rock police officers charged her with public drunkenness, reckless endangerment, and disorderly conduct. Laniewski reportedly told police officers that she merely slipped and fell into the flooded Pennsylvania creek, the Huffington Post reports. She was arraigned and released on a $5,000 bail.

Patrolman Daniel Teague notes that around 6 pm he had been advised of the need for a water rescue near the firehouse, according to the York Daily News. Teague also stated that he was told the woman was “somewhat of a problem” and intoxicated.


A breath test administered to the suspect after the incident revealed her alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit for driving a car, according to Southern Regional Sergeant Darryl Smuck. She was also arrested on two counts of public drunkenness last year.