Carrie Fisher Not Dead: ‘Star Wars’ Actress In Stable Condition After Suffering Heart Attack, Her Brother Reveals

Carrie Fisher is not dead, with internet rumors squashed thanks to an uplifting health update from the brother of the Star Wars actress after what was reported to be a major heart attack.

News broke late on Friday that Fisher had a major medical incident while on an international flight, leading to an outpouring of support and fears that Carrie Fisher may have died. Rumors appeared to spread online that Carrie Fisher was indeed dead, which appeared to be the result of either confusion or misinformation spread through social media.

But Fisher’s brother provided an update hours later that her condition may not be as serious as some had feared.

As IGN reported, Carrie Fisher is now listed in stable condition.

“Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, confirmed to The Associated Press that the actress is now in stable condition following a ‘medical emergency’ during an international flight.

“According to the AP, Todd Fisher said she was ‘out of emergency’ at a Los Angeles hospital, however he was unable to discuss any further information regarding what has happened, including whether she did indeed suffer a heart attack, as has been reported, or instead another medical issue.”

Carrie Fisher suffered what was described as a “major cardiac episode” on a flight from London to Los Angeles on Friday, the Washington Post reported. Health professionals on board the flight performed CPR on Fisher, who was transported to a hospital when the plane landed at Gate 74 of the Los Angeles International Airport.

“Paramedics were standing by for the plane’s arrival, provided advanced life support and aggressively treated and transported the patient to a local hospital,” said Erik Scott, spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Carrie Fsher suffered a massve heart attack on a flight to Los Angeles.
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Though there was no official update on Carrie Fisher’s condition for more than two hours after the news of her heart attack initially broke, there were indications that she was in danger of dying. Two law enforcement sources told NBC News that her condition was “not good.”

And it appears that the situation could have been much worse. Fisher was reportedly aided by some nurses who happened to be on board the aircraft, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“So they’re working on her right now,” the pilot was heard in an on-flight recording published on

A number of Hollywood stars took to social media to share their best wishes for Carrie Fisher after the news of her heart attack broke, including her Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill who tweeted, “as if 2016 couldn’t get any worse. . . sending all our love” to Fisher.

After scoring her breakout role in Star Wars, Carrie Fisher returned to the franchise in last year’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and had recently started shooting scenes for 2017’s Star Wars: Episode VIII. She has also been open about her bumpy road to stardom, including struggles with addiction and mental health issues.

“Carrie Fisher, who has written and spoken openly about her struggles in Hollywood, is considered Hollywood royalty,” the Los Angeles Times reported. She took on her prickly relationship with her mother [actress Debbie Reynolds] in the book-to-movie Postcards From the Edge. She’s also been outspoken about her mental health issues and the solution she found — radical-sounding electroshock therapy.”

There were still many unanswered questions about Carrie Fisher’s health, including her long-term prognosis and whether it was actually a heart attack that she had suffered. It was also unknown what may have brought on the health crisis.

And despite the uplifting health update from the brother of the Star Wars star, there was still plenty of misinformation circulating, including rumors that Carrie Fisher was dead still spreading online.

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