Paul Wall, Baby Bash Arrested In Houston On Felony Drug Charges

Rapper Paul Wall, whose legal name is Paul Michael Slayton, was arrested along with his friend and fellow rapper Baby Bash, real name Ronald Bryant. The two were taken into custody along with eight other people after Houston police executed a search warrant where Wall and Bash were located. It has not been reported exactly what substances were found or what prompted the search warrant.

According to the local KHOU, a warrant was issued to search for narcotics at 1307 Yale in The Heights around 12:15 a.m. When officers showed up, Paul Wall and Baby Bash were at the location. Both were arrested on site. Bond was set for Wall at $20,000 and it looks like both rappers have posted bond and should have been released by now. Baby Bash was booked on the exact same charges and for the exact same bail amount. The next court date for Wall is set for December 27.

When Paul Wall was arrested, he was reportedly found to have THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, on him. He was charged with manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance between 4 to 400 grams, but it’s still not known if the bust was primarily due to marijuana or marijuana-related products or if it was something else.

If a tweet from Baby Bash after posting bail is correct, the rappers were busted for marijuana but the amount still hasn’t been made public. “Got caught up with a lil Weed yall.. no biggie. Lol #cannabiscommunity,” the rapper tweeted.

This isn’t the first time that Paul Wall and Baby Bash have been arrested together. The rappers were busted back in 2011 for marijuana possession according to TMZ. For that arrest, both rappers were found to be in possession of fewer than two ounces and were released on $300 bond.

This new arrest must be something big because their bond is much larger and they have both reportedly been charged with multiple felonies.

Paul Wall recently made headlines for a better reason. The Houston Chronicle reported that Wall teamed up with the now-retired NFL star Arian Foster and his brother Abdul to collect toys for a Christmas toy drive at IX Innovations. The event was sponsored by Wall, Parents against Predators, IX Innovations, and Integrative Spine and Sports.

On Wednesday night, Paul Wall came together with Arian and Abdul Foster, rapper Slim Thug, and local doctors to throw a holiday party where the gifts were handed out.

It seems that many hip hop fans have taken to social media to talk about Paul Wall and Baby Bash getting arrested and they aren’t happy. Messages of “Free Paul Wall” abound. Others are still speculating on what drugs the two might have been involved in that would trigger a search warrant and a drug raid, then end in the arrest of 10 people with felony charges.

This story is still developing and will be updated when information regarding the arrest of Paul Wall and Baby Bash is released. Many fans of the rappers are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out which substance the pair might have played a part in manufacturing.

[Featured Image by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images]