Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas: Headsets And Stocking Stuffers For Gamers

As the Holiday seasons fast approaches its end, many people are still scrambling to grab some last minute gifts for their friends and loved ones. Gamers intersect a lot of peoples lives as well, and getting the right gift for your gamer is paramount. No fear, though, if you’re unsure as to what to buy. Here’s a quick little Holiday guide for your gamer friend’s needs.

Headsets are a key tool in a gaming arsenal, allowing players to communicate with their friends and foes online, but also allowing someone to play their games without disturbing the people around them if need be. Headsets come in many different forms, but not all gaming headsets are created equal. Depending on your budget, it’s imperative to get the most bang for your buck when deciding upon a gaming headset.

Headphones on display
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For those looking under the hundred dollar price point, PDP has a few offerings which might intrigue you. The Afterglow AG 9+ headset is a solid choice. Its large 50mm drivers bring some great quality audio to your player, and the headset is completely wireless as well, a strong selling point in my opinion. One of the other nice features are the side mounted LEDs which you can change to many different colors in the spectrum to show off a bit of personality. At $99.99, it’s not a bad deal, however PDP also offers their “Legendary Sound of Justice” model for the same price, which I prefer over the two.

While it’s not as flashy as the AG 9+, it’s more comfortable, which to me is paramount for long gaming sessions. Additionally, the audio quality in the “Sound of Justice” cans is noticeably better between the two, making it my choice in the end. The audio is crisp and clear, though the lows do tend to be a bit muddled. I do also like how all of the controls for the headset are right on the left ear cup, so you don’t have to fiddle around with any wires or in-line controls – everything is right there from the mute button to the volume control. And the nice thing about that is you no longer need to worry about adjusting volumes inside your console menu, meaning it’s more time spent in your game and not fiddling with making the thing work.

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However, the downside with the PDP headphones is its awful boom mic. This has made some party chat with friends on PlayStation 4 a bit disastrous as they simply cannot hear me or the quality is so low they cannot understand me. It’s not all bad for the PDP headset, though. I still prefer the LucidSound LS20 as my total under-$100 headset choice, purely from an audio quality standpoint, what has kept me using the PDP is simply down to the wireless functionality, as well as it’s adaptability on PC. It’s simply more convenient, and if you’re price range is strictly under a hundred dollars, that added level of functionality goes a long way. Though, it should be noted that if you can stretch that budget just fifty dollars more, the LucidSound LS30 wireless headset is a great option to think about as well.

Finally, if you’re still looking for last minute stocking stuffers, the PixelPals, again by PDP, offer a great last-minute item. The small statues of light up pixel art bring the some of gaming’s most iconic characters such as Mario, Mega Man and Vault Boy, perfect for any collectible loving gamer. Throw that into the mix with a Funko Vinyl Pop figurine, or a last-minute Steam Wallet card and you’d be all set.

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