Ohio Teen Convicted In Fatal Craigslist Plot

An Ohio teen was found guilty of aggravated murder for his part in a fatal plot where he tried to entice men who were desperate for work with false Craigslist job offers, the Associated Press reports.

Prosecutors argued that the Ohio 17-year-old Brogan Rafferty was willing to participate in three murders. Defense argued that the teen was coerced by an accomplice.

According to authorities, Rafferty assisted Richard Beasley of Akron, Ohio to convince four victims on separate occasions with fake Craigslist job offers to a rural cattle farm in Noble County, of southeast Ohio.

Authorities say the motive was robbery and that three men were shot and killed; the fourth man was shot, but survived.

No emotion could be read on the Ohio teen’s face, while his hands were handcuffed behind his back and his verdict read to the jury.

Rafferty said he had “nothing to say,” as he left the courtroom.

Dana Nash, the jury forewoman and other jurors said the decision was difficult because of Rafferty’s age, calling him just “a child.”

Jurors went one-by-one through the 25 charges against Rafferty, with the most perplexing one involving the evidence about the first victim, Ralph Geiger’s death.

Nash said that the jury had to re-review Rafferty’s testimonies because there were many inconsistencies:

“We were trying to be fair, and we were fair. We listened to everything, we observed everything, and we feel we made the right decision.”

Rafferty said he did not want to be involved in such fatalistic actions, and only went forward with the scheme because he feared for his life. He faces a maximum of life in prison and his sentencing is scheduled for November, 5.

However, Beasley who pleaded not guilty could face the death penalty if he is convicted at his trial. He was a Texas parolee who moved back to Ohio in 2004, after serving time for a burglary conviction.