Dorit Kemsley And PK: Couple Not Sorry For Judging Erika Girardi During White Party

Dorit Kemsley may be a new housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she isn’t holding back when it comes to her opinion. Perhaps Dorit’s friendship with Lisa Vanderpump has rubbed off on her, because during Tuesday’s episode of the show, she didn’t hold back when she learned that Erika Girardi wasn’t wearing underwear. Interestingly, Kemsley didn’t sit back and listen to what her co-stars were saying as many new housewives would – to test the scene. Instead, she slammed Erika for not wearing underwear and she continued the day after, which didn’t sit well with viewers.

According to a new Bravo report, Dorit Kemsley is now revealing that she’s isn’t sorry that she and her husband, PK, slammed Girardi for not wearing underwear. In addition, Kemsley doesn’t appear sorry or apologetic for her husband’s comment that perhaps Erika’s body is available to the world, even though he knows that she’s happily married. Kemsley’s co-stars were shocked, including Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna, who both wrote that Dorit’s husband should apologize for his disgusting behavior.

“I thought Erika’s outfit looked great, but it was a surprise to everyone when she said she was without panties. We’ve all been there without underwear. It’s not that big of a deal, and PK and I have a good sense of humor about these things as you can see when we are joking about it the next day,” Dorit Kemsley explains in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sharing that she did think that her co-star looked awesome during the party and she didn’t think it was a big deal.

If Dorit didn’t think it was a big deal, why did she make it a big deal during the white party? Why would she continue to talk about it the next day? The interesting thing is that Dorit Kemsley had just agreed with Lisa Vanderpump that the American humor was just too wound up and that they all needed to relax a little bit. Lisa and Dorit agreed that the British humor was much better, even though some of the ladies thought it was crude. So it is surprising that she would have such a strong opinion about Erika not wearing underwear. And if Girardi is hoping for an apology, she won’t be getting it.

“I really do like Erika, but I stand by my remark that she is often guarded. I personally haven’t felt much warmth from her, and she has a tendency to snap at both PK and I for no reason. I think my comment about ‘Americans’ was misunderstood. Of course I’m American and very proud of it. I’m simply stating AS AN AMERICAN, I do think we all need to relax a little and lighten up. The joking around is often a bit of harmless fun and personally I enjoy it. It keeps me young and playful! But everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and each of us speak our minds openly, whether we agree with each other or not, and that’s just part of being a strong-minded Beverly Hills Housewife,” Dorit Kemsley continues in her Bravo blog.

And it sounds like viewers are split on social media. While some people have loyalty to Girardi because of her role on the show and because she had every right to go to the party without underwear, others feel that she’s being too harsh to Dorit Kemsley on social media. While the episode was airing, Girardi kept tweeting things about Dorit, hinting that she was completely out of line. Viewers reminded her that she was also new once.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley’s comments about Erika? Are you surprised that she’s standing by her comments?

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