Nina Dobrev Shuts ‘The Vampire Diaires’ Rumor Down With One Picture

Nina Dobrev is not returning to The Vampire Diaries Season 8’s finale episode. The actress recently posted an image on her Instagram handle and it made many of her fans believe that the actress never enjoyed the company of her TVD team and that’s the reason why she is not going to reprise her role of Elena Gilbert, alongside her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder when The CW’s supernatural series will come to an end.

Earlier this week, Dobrev took to her Instagram to share the new poster of her upcoming film xXX: Return of Xander Cage. The uploaded poster is quite striking as it shows Nina in a nerd’s look while the rest of the cast are illustrated in their respective action pose. Without a doubt, the fans were super excited to see the actress in a new avatar, but the post’s caption made many believe that the actress is shading her The Vampire Diaries crew and cast.

The first sentence of her caption reads: “Now that’s a team I can work with.”

Now that's a team I can work with. So excited to share the new poster for @xXxMovie. Xander Cage is back!

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After looking at the action-packed poster and the caption, Nina’s Instagram followers were left questioning whether or not she was throwing shade at her TVD’s co-stars. One fan asked: “Is this shade?” Another one asked: “omg I was thinking the same thing too. I kind of felt a little hurt by what she said. Like what’s that suppose to mean?” Another of Dobrev’s fan continued the thread by commenting, “Hmmm Vampire Diaries team wasn’t working out?”

xxx return of the xander trailer
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If this was not enough, another hurt fan went on to suggest what the show will be without her presence.

“I can’t believe you would say that, TVD was awesome, and are you really going to leave that awesome crew, a lot of people are depending on you @ninadobrev, like me I was really hoping you would come to the show it’s so different without you, plus this kinda shows that u a quitter when the hard times come, no offense, like I love you so much, but ur going to let a lot of people down, I’m not begging I’m asking please come back, you don’t even know how many people you would make happy, @ninadobrev Oh and please don’t take this the wrong way??!”

Does this mean that this was Nina Dobrev’s way of shutting all the rumors of her reprising the role of Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries Season 8?

Ever since The CW announced that Season 8 would be TVD’s last season, many fans were left wondering whether Nina will reprise her role or not. A lot has been said and published ever since, but the official confirmation has yet to be received. Meanwhile, the show’s executive producer Julie Plec told during one of her recent interviews that along with the network, they will try their best to bring back Dobrev.

“She and I have spoken and I know that she 100 percent wants to be there and I, of course, 100 percent want her to be there, and so it just comes down to stupid things like scheduling. Honestly, let’s put it this way: I would be devastated if it weren’t to work out, so I have a feeling the cards will be in all our favor.”

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Even Dobrev’s ex-boyfriend and former co-star wants her to be back on the show. During Ian’s recent interview with Variety, the Lost actor revealed his vision on show’s ending and what’s in store for his character.

“Let Elena wake up and have these boys gone and never know any of this happened. A phenomenal, go humanity thing would be where these creatures don’t win.”

“I’ve created so much death and so much violence on this show that I think it would be such an amazing win for humanity if Damon and Stefan just went bye-bye. Let’s hope it happens.”

Do you think Nina Dobrev is coming back to The Vampire Diaries Season 8? Sound off your views in the comments below.

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