March 14, 2017
Braless Sophie Kasaei Flashes Body As She Busted Some Moves For Scotty T

Braless Sophie Kasaei flashed her body as she busted some moves for her pal, Scotty T. The fun-filled, yet revealing clip was uploaded by Scotty T on his Snapchat. Scott added three laughing emojis as he broke down in hysterics while braless Sophie Kasaei flashed her body in some sort of rave dancing.

Braless Sophie Kasaei Performs Revealing Dance For Scott

Sophie is one those women who are not afraid to show off her full bust. In a Snapchat clip uploaded by fellow Geordie Shore co-star, Scotty T, fans saw Sophie checking around a corridor to make sure no one was coming before putting her hands up in the air which lifted her shirt, and flashing her body in the process.

Braless Sophie Kasaei flashed her body for Scotty T and sang "Put your hands up in the air" while literally performing the song. Due to her vigorous dancing, her cream-colored crop can't keep up and was lifted up showing off her chest to Scott.

Braless Sophie Kasaei
[Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]

Meanwhile, Scotty can be heard cracking up in a fit of hysterics in the background. To point out the hilarity of the situation, he placed three laughing emojis over the video. At one point in the clip, the reality star is seen fixing her top in place after performing that raunchy act.

Going Strong With Her Beau, Joel Corry

Sophie Kasaei rose to fame after being part of the MTV show in 2011. Joining her during the second season was her love, Joel Corry, who wasn't so well-received by his co-stars. They questioned his intention for Sophie and was even in a hot seat for the cheating allegations he had to deal with. However, Kasaei was booted out of the program during the seventh season after using a racial slur, but that didn't stop her from making an ultimate comeback for the upcoming 14th season, which will be shown on March 28.

After the troubles and woes suffered by Sophie and Joel, the 27-year-old star admitted in an interview with Daily Mail Online that they had overcome those challenges and are proud to have stayed strong despite the odds.

"We've been together five years which is a long time for reality TV. All reality shows have the relationship curse and I'm very proud we're still together. I trust him 100%. I believe people change. Joel's 27 and when he was younger he did do stuff- so did I—but it all fell on him," she said.

Sophie Kasaei Was Hospitalized

After wrapping up filming the 14th season, the cheeky bombshell had to undergo emergency surgery for an infected abscess that was plaguing her backside. The pain started to come around while they were on a vacation to Mexico with Joel, so they had to cut their vacation short to have the lump removed. The MTV star was bedridden for a few days while a nurse visited to change the dressing. Speaking to New! Magazine, Sophie explained what it was like.

"I don't know what childbirth is like, but I imagine it being like that. It looks like someone's got a knife and stabbed us in the bum. It's like a shark attack."

Braless Sophie Kasaei
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Apart from the infected abscess, the former hairdresser revealed that she had to undergo grueling gym sessions after she put on a lot of weight during filming for Geordie Shore. Sophie admitted that was in a "great shape before starting to film the series but all went out the window by the end of the series." She had been trolled on social media for her additional weight.

[Featured Image by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images]