Galaxy S8 News: Samsung’s Next Flagship Is A Beast, And It Has A Special Mode To Back It Up

It is no secret that Samsung’s upcoming flagship device for 2017, the Galaxy S8, would be a beast. What’s particularly interesting is that Samsung seems to be so serious about the S8’s beast-like attributes that it actually trademarked the phrase “Beast Mode” in the EU. With this in mind, it seems like the S8 would not only be a powerful device, it would also be equipped with a special feature that would make the flagship even more dominating.

While the specific specs of the smartphone have not been leaked or confirmed by the South Korean tech giant, speculations are high that the handset would feature the best of what mobile technology could offers. After all, with competition from all sides such as Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 and the powerful, upstart OnePlus 4 being released in the same year, the Galaxy S8 would have very big shoes to fill. Couple this with the fact that the S8 is also Samsung’s first step towards redemption from the Note 7 disaster and it really seems like the bar for the upcoming device has been set extremely high.

The Galaxy S8 is speculated to be equipped with numerous useful and novel features.
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If any, nothing less than a beast of a device would be enough for Samsung to dominate the competition and redeem itself from the damage to its reputation wrought by its now-discontinued 2016 flagship phablet. Despite the lack of official statements from Samsung, however, the rumors emerging about the upcoming device have been very encouraging so far, with speculations pointing to the Galaxy S8 being a device that goes above and beyond the best handsets on the market right now.

The Galaxy S8 is rumored to feature either Qualcomm’s most powerful chipset to date, the Snapdragon 835, or a home-grown next-generation Exynos processor, according to PhoneArena. What is particularly interesting is that Samsung was actively involved in the development and creation of the Snapdragon 835. This means that, for all intents and purposes, the Galaxy S8 might very well be a device that is specifically designed to make the most out of the capabilities of the upcoming powerful mobile processor.

Apart from the Snapdragon 835 or the next-generation Exynos chip, rumors also point to the Samsung Galaxy S8 being equipped with 6GB to 8GB of RAM, allowing even the most demanding smartphone users to toggle through multiple taxing applications with ease. VR compatibility is also something that is speculated for the Galaxy S8, with rumors stating that the device would be the smartphone to beat next year regarding graphical capabilities. This, of course, is possibly where the device’s Beast Mode would come into play.

The Galaxy S7 is one of Samsung's finest handsets ever made, but it is expected to pale in comparison against the Galaxy S8.
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The specifics of what exactly happens when a user turns on the Galaxy S8’s Beast Mode remain unknown at this point, but from the moniker itself, it could be inferred that the feature would enable the mobile device to function with all its guns blazing. According to a Forbes report, the performance of smartphones is commonly balanced very deliberately with the power consumption of the device, since leaving the processor running at full throttle results in massive battery drain. By turning on the Galaxy S8’s Beast Mode, the limiters of the system might be temporarily removed, allowing the processor to perform at its most powerful.

The reception to the trademark filing of the phrase Beast Mode in the EU has so far been polarized among Samsung’s avid fans, with many stating that the feature appears to simply be a gimmick to emphasize how powerful the device is. This is because modern mobile processors are already advanced enough to determine when to function at full throttle and when to hold back. Thus, numerous Samsung fans have stated that the inclusion of a Beast Mode feature is quite redundant.

On the other hand, numerous fans of the South Korean tech giant have expressed their excitement and support for the upcoming smartphone’s new feature. After all, by having the Galaxy S8 have a special Beast Mode that unlocks the device’s optimum performance, Samsung seems to be declaring its re-entry into the forefront of mobile technology. With the Galaxy S8’s Beast Mode, Samsung is declaring that it is back, stronger than ever before. In order to regain its previous dominance in the smartphone market, this is exactly what Samsung needs to do.

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