'Pokemon GO' Christmas Event: Niantic May Launch Event, But It Might Not Be What You're Expecting

Lorenzo Tanos

Scores of Pokemon GO gamers were disappointed when Niantic's December update only included a handful of Gen 2 Pokemon only available via egg hatching, and a Santa hat Pikachu as the company's way of celebrating the holiday season. And when the first few days of the current week (and a new update) came and went with no Pokemon GO Christmas event, many wondered if Niantic even has plans beyond unlocking a few "baby" Pokemon and a limited-edition holiday-themed Pikachu. Newly-sighted code suggests that the company will be having a special event like it did for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but chances are it won't be the kind of event they're expecting.

The release of Pokemon GO's December update was, for many players, a huge letdown. Prior to that update, SlashGear had reported on a slew of rumored features for that update and the expected Pokemon GO Christmas event slated for December, and as we now know, the Gen 2 Pokemon rumor didn't turn out to be entirely accurate after all. Players only got seven Generation 2 creatures, all baby versions of existing ones, and in honor of Pikachu's iconic status and the Christmas holidays, that character got a limited-edition version with a Santa hat. The arrival of the Legendary Birds was another rumored feature that didn't make it in the December update.

As for the Christmas event, SlashGear said in the above report that Niantic would likely celebrate the Christmas holidays and recognize the difficulty of walking in winter weather by reducing distance requirements for buddy Pokemon to get candy. And what would a Pokemon GO Christmas event be without double XP and Stardust? Those were both features of the Halloween and Thanksgiving events, and the Halloween event had Pokemon such as Cubone, Gastly, Drowzee, and others become commonplace for the duration of the event. For the Christmas event, SlashGear noted that Snorlax, Seel, and Dewgong would be sighted far more frequently.

Indeed, there is a lot of worry in the festive air, as there are concerns that Niantic may be playing Scrooge by limiting the major holiday features to Santa Pikachu and the select Gen 2 Pokemon. But The Silph Road claims that there may be a Pokemon GO Christmas event on the horizon. The Inquisitr reported earlier this week on The Silph Road's "biggest" find – the imminent arrival of an Apple Watch version – but the latter site's APK "mining" has revealed some details on a potential holiday event.

"Our guess, though (and we're truly grasping at straws - remember) is that there may be some holiday freebies showing up in pretty packages with bows sometime soon."

[Featured Image by Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images]