‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Who’s Going To Die In The Traditional 14th Episode Bloodbath?

When it comes to The Walking Dead, and by proxy, Walking Dead spoilers, few things are certain. However, in recent seasons, the 14th episode has taken on a special “je ne sais quoi,” if you will. Some would call it a reckoning, others call it a bloodbath; whatever it is, it means that someone is going to die. And they’re going to do it in a way that wrenches at your heart.

In Season 4, it was Lizzie and Mika who ended up dying in one of the most tragic episodes ever. Who can forget Lizzie just wanting to show Carol and Tyrese that the reanimated dead weren’t bad? And how did she do it? By killing her sister, so she could reanimate and still be Lizzie’s friend. And then there was the heartbreaking scene where Carol, always the pragmatist, does what needs to be done. What fan of The Walking Dead can ever again say to their children, “Just look at the flowers”?

The 14th Episode of The Walking Dead Spoilers Usually means someone dies tragically
Just look at the flowers. [Image by AMC]

Season 5 brought the ineptitude of some of the citizens of Alexandria to light. During a supply run outside of the safe zone, Aiden panics and ends up shooting a grenade on a walker and gets impaled on some spikes. After Aiden is turned into zombie chow, Glenn, Nicholas, and Noah got trapped in a revolving door. As Glenn tried to get them all out, Nicholas panicked and Noah ended up getting torn apart right in front of Glenn. That was even more horrible because the patriarch of Alexandria had just agreed to teach Noah something about architecture and given him a fresh notebook. As Glenn and Eugene drove back, you could see Noah’s notebook, which read, “This is the beginning.”

Last year, during Season 6, we got another supply run. This time, Abraham, Daryl, Denise, Eugene, and Rosita headed out to find medicine for the community. On the way back, Denise was the first survivor from Alexandria to be killed by a Savior on screen. Dwight used Daryl’s crossbow to shoot Denise through the eye. The tragic part of this was that Denise and Tara had just entered into a relationship. Denise had even found a can of Orange Crush to bring back to her new girlfriend.

As far as Seasons 1 to 3 are concerned, the first two seasons only had six and 11 episodes, respectively. In Season 3, Episode 14 showed how Andrea tried to get away from the clutches of the Governor. She almost made it to the prison before being captured by the one-eyed villain. The episode ended with her locked up and gagged in a room. So, a case could be made for every 14th episode of The Walking Dead having some sort of tragic end.

Warning: The following section contains major potential The Walking Dead spoilers for the second half of Season 7. It contains spoilers for both the television series and the comics. Read at your own discretion.

What does Episode 14 mean for the characters in The Walking Dead Spoilers
Noah’s notebook lies discarded after his death in Season 5, Episode 14. [Image by AMC]

The question remains: Who is going to meet their end in this season’s 14th episode?

According to sources who have seen the casting calls for the rest of the season, there are two members of the Kingdom who are curiously missing from Episodes 15 and 16. Those two are Richard and Benjamin. Richard, if you recall, is one of Ezekiel’s inner circle and someone on whom Ezekiel relies. Benjamin is also important to Ezekiel and is being trained by Morgan in aikido. Richard told Morgan and Carol in Episode 8 that Ezekiel is happy with the way things work between the Kingdom and the Saviors and isn’t going to rock the boat. Without some major push, Ezekiel isn’t going to take a side in the conflict between Alexandria and the Saviors.

If Richard and Benjamin are both killed by the Saviors, then that would definitely provide the motivation Ezekiel would need to get his soldiers involved in the coming all-out war with the Saviors. It doesn’t help that both Richard and Benjamin are killed by the Saviors in The Walking Dead comic, especially with how closely the television series is paralleling the comic at this point.

What do you think Walking Dead fans? Do you think that Richard and Benjie are doomed to not see the end of the season? Let us know your thoughts on the Walking Dead spoilers in the comments below.

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