Breezy Point Fire Destroys 80 Homes, ‘Whatever Isn’t Flooded Is On Fire’ [Pics]

The Breezy Point fire in Queens last night as Sandy raged and floods proliferated has destroyed somewhere between 80 and 100 homes in the quiet enclave, as residents and responders assess the damage that has all but destroyed the unique beachside community.

The Breezy Point fire was reported amid several chaotic updates emanating from the five boroughs last night, where residents in several areas were affected by unprecedented damage to infrastructure and homes.

But the Breezy Point fire was perhaps the most large-scale single-event that raged Monday night within the boundaries of New York City, and witnesses have described a “smoking ruin” where the beloved seaside community once stood.

Due to its low-lying location and status within Zone A of NYPD evacuation areas, the Breezy Point fire raged through blocks of the community, which is the second-largest concentration of Irish-Americans in the US. Although the Breezy Point fire was reported at around 11 PM, NYPD crews were unable to reach the fire until morning, allowing fires to rage in the flooded homes and massive damages to result.

One remnant of the Breezy Point fire that seems a nod to its Irish-American identity remained amid the charred wreckage this morning, a statue of the Virgin Mary remaining intact amid the smoldering debris.

The office of Mayor Bloomberg tweeted minutes ago that the Mayor had visited the site of the Breezy Point fire, posting:

The Breezy Point fire “completely leveled” the community, Bloomberg confirmed, but the Mayor also said that due to the NYPD’s quick response and rescue of stranded residents, there were no fatalities.

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