Fashion Bloggers Tom And Lorenzo Are Running Scared From Critiquing Melania Trump

After a gallimaufry of fashion designers have declared that they refuse to dress Melania Trump, now popular fashion bloggers Tom and Lorenzo have announced that they will not be commenting on the President-elect’s wife. Why have the popular fashion scribes already decided against the opportunity to critique Melania Trump’s fashion looks and could this explain why so much of the fashion industry pushing away from the Trump women?

First of all, for those who are not familiar with the work of TLo, Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez are better known as Tom and Lorenzo, whose monicker is “fabulous and opinionated.” Just over a decade ago, the couple started out with a blog called “Project Rungay” where they discussed the then-new show Project Runway as well as other reality television shows. Suddenly, TLo became the unadulterated word on fashion and taste. They could raise any designer or actress or dissect any ensemble with a few clever words. They instantly rose to the top of fashion and were seen in the first row at NYFW and other events.

Soon, their blog began to expand, and they also co-wrote the “hilarious” book “Everyone Wants To Be Me Or Do Me.” Not only are they writers, but also popular podcasters. Their 21-month-old podcast is called “Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest.” In their show, they discuss fashion, television, movies, and a lot more fashion. They call their listeners “kittens” and have no qualms about critically dissecting any red carpet look, and putting their own spin on what a starlet should wear. They are currently working on a book on fashion. After 17 years as partners, the couple married in 2013.

Just after Thanksgiving, the popular and often deliciously catty bloggers left their comfortable home office of their Philadelphia digs, with Lorenzo’s visiting mother in tow, to embark on Washington D.C. to participate in The QA Cafe with host Carol Joynt. They had arranged with Joynt to visit the United States capital at the beginning of the year, so, as they explained on their podcast, they did not realize that in November they would be walking into a minefield with a controversial new president. They never imagined that they would be asked so many questions about the President-elect and his wife. Instead, they had expected to answer questions about fashion trends.

At the event, the press was there and the Washington Post asked the bloggers if they would be critiquing Melania Trump, just as they have the current FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. Immediately after the election, the Hillary supporters had already told their listeners that they did not intend on writing about Melania because they did not find her interesting. But at this event, Tom replied something that was far more juicier for the paper to write about. Fitzgerald explained that the duo was not going to risk their hard-earned business by critiquing the fashion of Donald Trump’s wife.

“We are not going to be able to do that with Melania Trump without risking our business.”

Tom also mentioned that those who support Trump would be the ones trolling the fashion bloggers and they feared a lot of nasty retribution from these often cruel supporters.

“The hordes that will come down on us.. . .”

Then Tom continued with what occurred with the Pizzagate debacle.

“We are two gay men — look at the Comet Ping Pong thing. All of that is coming out because the owner is gay, you can’t tell me that’s not because he’s gay,”


Tom’s final words about Melania Trump expresses more fear that the bloggers have about Trump’s followers.

“It’s not that I fear him — I fear his followers. They go after the people who are heretics. And they love her. She is their queen right now. So if we said ‘she’s tacky’ or ‘that hem was too short’ or whatever.. . .”

Are the bloggers running scared? Maybe they have a reason to. They recently posted on Facebook a horrific comment that was written in response to the Washington Post article telling the gay couple that when Trump “fires up the ovens” they should be at the head of the line.

Perhaps some of the irony of this situation is that Melania Trump does not plan on living in the White House nor will be participating in the normal FLOTUS duties for at least six months after Trump becomes president. TLo will not even have the opportunity to blog on her attire as she will not be in the public eye. Yet, is it possible that the rejection of the fashion world has as much to do with her absence as keeping Baron in school?

Do you think that more writers and perhaps even journalists are afraid of expressing their opinion about the President-elect and their family? Do you think Tom & Lorenzo should critique Melania Trump’s garments or do you think it is best that the fashion blogging duo stick to just celebrities? Comment below and let your opinion be heard.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]