Giant Rats Eat 3-Month-Old Baby Girl Alive While Mom Goes Out For A Night Of Drinking

Giant rats ate a 3-month-old baby girl alive while the infant was left home alone. The 26-year-old mother took the baby girl’s twin brother, named Lucky, with her when she went out for a night of drinking, police reports indicate.

The giant killer rats gnawed on the 3-month-old girl while she was laying on a bed, the Daily Mail reports. The Johannesburg, South Africa-area woman has been arrested on charges of child neglect. Upon returning to her Katlehong Township home, the mother discovered the carnage inside.

“The baby could only have died a painful death. The infant’s tongue, eyes and fingers had all been eaten,” a neighbor told reporters, according to a report by the Sun. “Besides the missing body parts, the remains of her body had bites and wounds all over that were inflicted by the sharp teeth of the rats. This woman must rot in jail. She does not deserve to be a mother.”

The daughter of the mother’s landlord, Noluthando Mtshali, told the media the “only thing” the woman enjoys doing is going out to party at area shebeens. A shebeen is a term often used to describe unlicensed drinking establishments or private homes that sell alcohol in Scotland, Ireland, and South Africa.

“I just could not bring myself to go in and see what happened to this poor child,” Mtshali continued. “She has been a tenant since the beginning of the year and her twins were both in hospital last week but we do not know why they had been taken to hospital”

Witnesses reportedly stated that the night the 3-month-old baby girl was eaten alive by rats was not the first time the South African mother left the twin infants home alone. The witnesses also maintained that the evening the bizarre and horrific death occurred was the only time she took one of the babies with her.

Some witnesses claimed the woman lied and said the baby girl was in the care of a sister when asked why only one of the twins was with her that evening at the local shebeens.

The Johannesburg woman reportedly returned home during the early morning hours after having been out all night. With a new boyfriend in tow, the couple attempted to break into the residence because the mom had lost her key. Once inside, they quickly found the dead baby. Initially, the mom claimed her 3-month-old baby girl had been burned.

“We have lots of rats in the area. She leaves the children alone all night long and they cry themselves to sleep. She would not say she left the baby alone,” Mama Sesi Mtshali, the landlord, said.

The surviving infant is now reportedly in the custody of his 28-year-old father and his new girlfriend.

“My ex-girlfriend gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, and on Friday she took the boy and left the girl in the shack,” the unidentified father told reporters. “When she came back the following morning at about 6.30 a.m. the baby girl was dead.”

The man’s girlfriend stated the mother of the babies frequently goes out and gets drunk and leave the babies home alone.

“When Lucky came to us he looked like he had not eaten for days but he is fine now,” the girlfriend added.

Katlehong Police Department Captain Mega Ndobe confirmed the mom had been out drinking the night the baby girl was eaten alive by rats.

The shocking incident is not the first time a child in South Africa has been eaten by rats. In 2011, Lunathi Dwadwa, 3, was killed and then eaten by rats while sleeping on the floor next to her parents in their shack near Cape Town. When the toddler’s mother discovered her body, she discovered the little girl’s eyes had been gouged out.

“I can’t forget how ugly my child looked after her eyes were ripped out,” Bukiswa Dwadwa, said. “She was eaten from her eyebrows to her cheeks, her other eye was hanging by a piece of flesh.”

That same year a baby in Soweto was eaten alive by killer rats inside the shack where she lived while her mother was out with friends. Just one month prior to the baby’s death in Soweto, a 77-year-old woman, Nomathemba Jovi, died after giant rats chewed off her face as she slept.

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