Will Smith Shares Pic Of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Himself That Perfectly Reflects 90s Fashion, ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Era

Actor Will Smith masterfully used a single photo to take his fans back in time to the 90s on Tuesday.

The Collateral Beauty actor shared a throwback picture of himself and longtime friend/collaborator Jeffrey “DJ Jazzy Jeff” Townes on Facebook. According to the caption, Will joked that he took the classic photo from his “#WayBack vault.”

Both of these Grammy-winning recording artists in the picture look like 90s fashion models. Jeff is taking a more “sensible” approach to his wardrobe — a basic Starters jersey with a matching fitted hat and black shorts. However, like his character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith definitely took the more “colorful” approach with his outfit. The classic white T-shirt and blue denim short outfit was definitely enhanced and escalated with his extremely colorful jacket that looks like it should be featured as a cherished exhibit inside of a 90s fashion museum.

Fans of the hit 90s NBC sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, are well aware that Will Smith was known for highlighting 90s fashion trends with his wardrobe choices. Surrounded by his upper-class family members and prep school classmates, Will’s character wore neckties on his head, blazers flipped inside out and a vast number of other trendy items in the world of men’s fashion throughout the show’s original run.

During a 1990 interview with Will Smith on the Today show, Bryant Gumbel stated that Will had been asked to translate hip-hop culture to mainstream America with his role. Smith made it clear that it was not exactly what he was “asked to do” but as an endeavor he decided to take on professionally as an actor. He further explained that, while the character he played on Fresh Prince was really into hip-hop culture, there was not very much difference between the real-life and Fresh Prince versions of Will Smith.

“I got that from my mother. She watched and she said, ‘Baby, you not doing nothing you never did around here’… It’s not a stretch at all, which makes it good since I have no formal theatrical training… I am taking my first shot and it’s fun.”

When it comes to some of the outrageous outfits that Will Smith wore on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, even the actor himself jokes that they were a little over the top at times. However, there are so many other on-screen characteristics that Will Smith emphasized during his years on The Fresh Prince that are still shown in his work today.

His iconic laugh. His impeccable sense of comic timing. His mastery of the side-eye and occasional fourth wall break. Also, as shown in some of the show’s most emotional episodes, Will Smith also displayed his impressive range as an actor — shifting from making jokes to drawing tears within the same scene at times.


In the years that have passed since the Fresh Prince series finale aired, Will Smith has continued to bring the same “larger than life” appeal to his performances on the big screen. Even though his fashionable vivaciousness may no longer be at an all-time high as it was in the 90s, Smith has masterfully channeled that energy and expressiveness within his comedic and dramatic movie performances over the years.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]