New NBA CBA Will Ban Players From Hoverboards, Trampolines And Carrying Guns Among Other Things

Last week, the NBA and its players agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), and it looks like the restrictions put on players are getting a whole lot tougher. As part of the new CBA, NBA players will be banned from riding on hoverboards, jumping on trampolines and carrying guns. Some players, including Draymond Green, are not thrilled with the new rules while others seem pretty happy to comply with the restrictive agreement.

Basketball Insiders obtained a copy of the new bargaining agreement and it looks like the NBA is trying to ban any activity that puts a player’s health at risk. In addition to the hoverboard, trampoline and gun bans, NBA players are no longer allowed to go jet skiing or play with fireworks.

While the CBA seems really restrictive, many of the activities that are banned for NBA players come with good reason. It’s pretty obvious that the new fireworks ban came as a result of NFL player Jason Pierre-Paul’s 2015 fireworks accident that mangled the professional football player’s hand. If the same type of injury happened to an NBA player, it would have been career ending.

New NBA CBA Will Ban Players From Hoverboards, Trampolines And Carrying Guns Among Other Things
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Hoverboards have also proven to be a huge safety hazard, causing broken bones and concussions to even the most careful rider. Not to mention that some hoverboards have been recalled or banned because they have a history of exploding, which could cause a whole different set of injuries.

Certainly, the hoverboard ban will upset a lot of NBA players. Many professional athletes and celebrities have been riding them and showing them off on social media. Mike Tyson even took a spill on a hoverboard and the video was uploaded online.

Possibly the most controversial new NBA CBA ban is the carrying of firearms. NBA officials don’t want their stars running around with guns because naturally, they don’t want the players getting shot or going to jail for shooting someone. However, the gun ban also brings up thoughts on personal safety and may be hazardous in itself. While lobbying to stop professional basketball players from carrying guns, did those behind the CBA consider that it might be unsafe to let everyone know that NBA players are not even allowed to keep a gun on their person? It seems that the gun ban would put NBA players in an awkward position now should they be assaulted or robbed. They literally wouldn’t be able to defend themselves in an event where a criminal had a gun and not only did they not have one, but those trying to take advantage of them know it.

New NBA CBA Will Ban Players From Hoverboards, Trampolines And Carrying Guns Among Other Things
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Another argument that has been proposed on Reddit about the NBA gun ban revolves around hunting and sport shooting. The way the information has been presented is that NBA players are prohibited from carrying guns, period. That means those NBA players who like to hunt for sport are now out of luck. There will be no bagging a deer next season and no big game hunting at all in addition to their inability to protect themselves and their property with firearms. It’s understandable that the NBA wants to keep players injury free, but this gun ban seems highly questionable. Hopefully, it will do more good and protect more players than it will affect negatively.

The new NBA collective bargaining agreement isn’t in effect yet but was agreed upon last week. The new deal will be ratified before January 13 so, in the meantime, NBA players should get all the hoverboard-riding and gun shooting out of their systems while they can. Of course, they could ignore the new rules and jump on all the trampolines that they want, but an injury related to any of these newly prohibited activities would relieve the NBA of any liability.

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