Arkansas Road Rage Attack: 911 Tapes Reveal Horror, Despair Of Acen King’s Grandmother, Other Witnesses [Video]

Arkansas authorities have released tapes of several 911 calls following the road rage killing of 3-year-old Acen King, and those tapes reveal the absolute horror and despair felt by Acen’s grandmother and other witnesses who observed the chilling murder.

The most shocking and disturbing 911 call came from a witness who watched as Kim King-Macon, identified by KATV (Little Rock) as Acen King’s grandmother, tried to perform CPR on the boy. You can hear King-Macon’s horrified screams in the video below, but be warned: this video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

For readers who would prefer not to watch the video: A distraught witness speaks to the 911 operator as King-Macon and other witnesses try to put Acen on the ground, where the boy’s grandmother would try to perform CPR on him.

Dispatcher: Hello? Hello?

Caller: Hold on one sec, they’re getting him out. Hold on- they’re putting him on the ground they’re saying he’s been shot. [King-Macon screams in background: Baby! Oh my god!]”

Acen King was shot and killed at about 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, December 17, according to KTLA (Los Angeles). The violent road rage incident that claimed his life began when his grandmother drove through a Little Rock intersection, apparently too slowly for the satisfaction of another driver. The other driver, identified so far only as a male, honked his horn; King-Macon honked back. Then, according to Little Rock Police Department spokesman Lt. Steven McClanahan, the alleged assailant got out of his car, identified as a black Chevy Impala, and fired one shot into the car, striking Acen in the neck.

“One shot was fired and it went through the vehicle and hit the child.”

Another passenger, a 1-year-old child, was also in the car; he or she was not injured.

King-Macon, not realizing her grandson had been fatally shot, drove nine miles to a nearby JCPenney. When she tried to get him out of the car, she realized he had been shot. Police say he took one bullet to the neck. King-Macon tried to perform CPR on the boy while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. He was rushed to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

As of this writing, police have precious little to go on in identifying Acen King’s road rage killer. About all police have to go on, according to KTHV (Little Rock), are vague descriptions of the alleged assailant, a “tall black man,” and his vehicle, a black 2003-era Chevy Impala.

Pastor Terrance Long, speaking on behalf of a group of Little Rock Ministers, says he believes someone in Little Rock knows something about the alleged murder but isn’t talking. He urged that person to come forward.

“If you’ve seen this black Impala in your neighborhood, at a neighbor’s house, let someone know… If you don’t say nothing, you’re just as guilty as the person that did it.”

Little Rock Police Department Chief Kenton Buckner is similarly frustrated at the lack of help in finding Acen’s killer.

“I certainly have no information to say that anyone in this family has done anything to cost this young person’s life. But this is about as frustrated as you can be as a public safety official or just a plain citizen.”

Little Rock police have offered a $40,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of Acen King’s road rage killer.

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