WWE News: The Braun Strowman ‘Road To WrestleMania’ Begins

The WWE has wanted to push Braun Strowman as a monster for over a year now. While things progressed slower than expected with the big man, it looks like the WWE has finally pulled the trigger on his main event push. In the main event on Monday Night Raw this week, Braun Strowman didn’t just interfere in the match but he destroyed two of the three original members of The Shield.

The main event saw Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins team up to face Universal Champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Roman was trying to tag into the match when Braun Strowman ran down to the ring, pulled him off the apron and drop him to the floor.

Braun Strowman then went into the ring and threw Seth Rollins around like a rag doll before hitting the Oklahoma Stampede running powerslam. Owens and Jericho then threw Roman Reigns back into the ring and Braun Strowman hit the running powerslam on him as well.

WWE Monday Night Raw ended with Braun Strowman standing in the middle of the ring while both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins laid in the ring, unmoving. Braun Strowman then looked into the camera and told Mick Foley that it was all his fault.

Braun Strowman was in a running storyline throughout Monday Night Raw. On Roadblock, the night before, Braun Strowman fought Sami Zayn. The stipulations just said that Sami had to last 10 minutes with the giant. Braun Strowman toyed with him but that was his undoing as Sami Zayn was able to stay alive after that and didn’t just last 10 minutes but hit the Helluva Kick before time expired.

WWE News: The Braun Strowman 'Road To WrestleMania' Begins

On Monday Night Raw, Braun Strowman was angry and he wanted Sami Zayn again. Mick Foley told him that Sami was sent home early and Braun said that he was going to hurt people because he couldn’t have Sami.

It started when Titus O’Neil and Sin Cara were about to fight. Braun Strowman came down and destroyed both men. He then dragged Sin Cara up the ramp and threw him through a giant Christmas tree and off the WWE stage. Sin Cara needed to be stretchered out.

Braun Strowman wasn’t finished as he attacked Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to close out the show.

The big WWE rumors for the start of 2017 indicates that Mick Foley will bring in The Big Show to battle Braun Strowman in a battle of the giants. The idea is that Big Show can stand up to the power of Strowman, but that Braun will win the feud as a passing of the torch from Big Show.

WWE News: The Braun Strowman 'Road To WrestleMania' Begins

After that, it is time for the Road to WrestleMania and the seeds might have been planted on Monday Night Raw this week. Once Braun Strowman takes out Big Show, there will be no one left to stand up to him. The biggest WrestleMania rumors from Monday Night Raw indicates that Roman Reigns will fight Braun Strowman at WrestleMania.

It was curious to ponder how the WWE would set up the feud outside of sending Roman Reigns after Braun Strowman as the last line of defense. However, with Braun coming down and taking out Roman like he did on Raw, the WWE storyline might have seen its initial setup.


Braun Strowman was supposed to fight Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania this year in a career-defining moment for the big man. However, he clearly wasn’t ready yet and ended up just standing at ringside while The Rock beat Erick Rowan. Now, after months of setup on WWEMonday Night Raw, it seems that Braun Strowman is ready for his first major Road to WrestleMania.

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