Andrea Bocelli Cancels Trump Inauguration Appearance After Backlash #BoycottBocelli

Famed tenor Andrea Bocelli has decided that it is not worth it to accept the Trump inauguration gig because of the backlash he has received. After saying that he would sing at the Trump Inaugural in 2017, a #BoycottBocelli movement got started, and Bocelli was reportedly feeling the heat. The backlash continued to brew, and Andrea Bocelli has decided that it isn’t worth it.

But there are some members of the entertainment community that still love Donald Trump, including Sylvester Stallone, who is still under consideration to head up the National Endowment of the Arts, says the Inquisitr. Stallone, who says he is not a Republican, says he admires Donald Trump and thinks of him as a “Dickensian character.” Stallone has given the impression that if he is offered the position as head of the NEA, he will take it.

Sources close to tenor Andrea Bocelli said he did not anticipate so much venom in agreeing to sing for the Trump inauguration celebration, says PageSix. When he heard about the #BoycottBocelli movement, he was shocked. Even though it is a political event, Bocelli thought of it as a celebration.


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Even though he agreed to sing at the inauguration, he now thinks it just isn’t worth it to potentially offend his fans.

“Bocelli said there was no way he’d take the gig… he was ‘getting too much heat’ and he said no.”

But a Trump source is saying that it was Donald Trump who gave Bocelli the out.

“Trump suggested to Bocelli he not participate because of the backlash. It’s sad people on the left kept him from performing on a historic day.”

The Boston Globe says that Andrea Bocelli performed in Boston for the first time in years on Saturday night, but some ticket holders decided to skip based on the Trump inauguration performance. Twitter users and fans of Italian tenor Bocelli have been begging him to cancel on the President-elect. Others are taking it further, and threatening to destroy their Bocelli CDs and boycott his concerts.

So far, only Jackie Evancho, who won America’s Got Talent some years back, has agreed to participate, but even she admits that she has been taking some heat. But several big names have publicly stated that Trump shouldn’t bother asking because the answer is no. That includes John Legend and Elton John, but perhaps Kanye West could find some time, as he recently met with Trump and canceled his tour after a reported mental breakdown.

People Magazine said that despite rumors, David Foster is not planning Donald Trump’s inauguration performances. Foster has worked closely for years with Andrea Bocelli, who is now officially out of the January event. Foster is now saying that he was asked but said no. It’s not certain whether it was just a pure rumor or wishful thinking.

“I was invited to participate and I politely declined. I have no idea where this story came from.”

Last week, a rumor circulated that Foster would be playing “a pivotal role” in the Trump inauguration, but Foster says this is false, and that nobody in connection with him ever made any statement that suggested he was working with the Trump transition team.

Jackie Evancho has met the President-elect in the past at his Mar-a-lago estate, but she has also performed for President Obama at the official tree lighting, singing “O Holy Night.”

Do you think that Donald Trump will be able to find a big name to perform at the inauguration event now that Andrea Bocelli has backed out?

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