Blac Chyna’s Instagram: A Heart Emoji For Rob Kardashian’s Apology – And A Video Repost For ‘DammnDee’ Trainer

The saga between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian rolls on, with Blac Chyna recently reposting the following Instagram post from Rob’s Instagram account to her own Instagram account, along with a heart emoji. The screenshot of Rob’s Instagram account was one wherein Kardashian apologized for the previous events of the past weekend, calling himself in a bad place emotionally. Nearly the entire Internet seemingly followed the drama between Rob and Chyna, which featured the duo reeling from Chyna’s text message screenshots being reposted to her own Instagram account.

As reported by Page Six, Rob asked Chyna and others to pray for him in the wake of the melee, all the while the duo experienced the episode airing of their reality TV show that revealed just how afraid Chyna was of having a C-section. On TV, Rob confessed that he wanted Blac Chyna to have a VBAC — or a vaginal birth after cesarean delivery — but Chyna ended up having a C-section for their baby girl, Dream Kardashian. The duo experienced loads of love during their TV special, all the while their current state of affairs captured new social media happenings — purportedly private text messages between Chyna and her friends that were published on Instagram and Twitter.

Blac Chyna’s beef with Rob included accusations that Kardashian verbally abused her — and would not seek help for his depression. Rob, in turn, posted a Snapchat video showing an empty nursery — with claims that Chyna took everything: the baby, the furniture, and even Rob’s Eggo waffles. This accusation led to an endless amount of memes showing Chyna as the Grinch with baby Dream and waffles in her sack. Rob began reposting memes of himself that folks tagged him on, including a Photoshop photo of Rob’s head atop Will Smith’s body, as the Fresh Prince of Bel Air stood in an empty room.

Chyna’s recent Instagram posts weren’t all about Rob, however. Blac Chyna also posted the following video of the popular trainer known as “DammnDee,” a guy with nearly 500,000 followers — and already pretty popular in the fitness world in his own right. With Chyna’s attention from her 10.5 million followers, expect his followers to exponentially increase.

Chyna posted a video of the trainer doing an ab workout that didn’t require a gym. Instead, he is shown in the kitchen, holding himself up by his strong arms on the countertop as he does a variety of ab workouts. He also moves to the bedroom, where he continues his killer ab routine using everyday objects, like laundry hampers, to get even stronger abs.

Meanwhile, some of the comments being published to social media wonder aloud if the whole dramatic breakup wasn’t a big publicity stunt for the Rob & Chyna reality TV show. even took a poll of its readers, with the majority of readers admitting that they think the drama between Rob and Chyna was a fight manufactured for the sake of free advertising.

: “Some people think Rob & Chyna’s latest feud is for publicity, and some think it’s definitely real. What do you think Roommates?”

Some of the additional comments being posted to Twitter about Rob and Chyna’s relationship can be read below.

: “Don’t let Rob & Chyna’s drama distract you from the fact Kim Kardashian hasn’t tweeted in almost 3 months.”

: “Between Rob & Chyna and Trump & China I am .”

: “Rob & Chyna??? Who gives a f*** — where is Kimberly?”

: “Three publicity stunts in a week; Gucci Mane, Celo Green and Rob & Chyna. Who is next?”

“If this whole thing with Rob & Chyna is real I feel so bad for their baby.”

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]