Huma Abedin Blamed For Clinton Loss, Judge Orders Release Of Search Warrant Into Her Emails

Huma Abedin is being blamed for Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss in November’s election. Abedin, who has spent most of her political career working for the former First Lady, continues to be the subject of controversy in the weeks following the election.

The Washington Times reported that a federal judge ordered a release of the search warrant used by the FBI to search Abedin’s emails. It was confirmed that the warrant will be released by the court on Tuesday at noon.

Judge P. Kevin Castel said that the public has a right to know the details surrounding the investigation and that this is more important than Hillary Clinton’s right to privacy.

“The documents that are the subject of the application corroborate the existence of an investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails. The strong presumption of access attached to the search warrant and related materials is not overcome by any remaining privacy interest of Secretary Clinton.”

The search warrant was used to search emails on a laptop belonging to Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner. The judge is allowing certain names to be omitted from the report, including those of the FBI agents involved in the email probe. Information regarding an ongoing investigation into Weiner’s correspondence with a teenaged girl will also be shielded.

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The warrant for Abedin’s emails, which was issued just days before the election, was viewed by some as a last-ditch attempt to discredit Hillary Clinton. FBI Director James Comey claimed to be searching for further evidence related to Clinton’s management of information related to the State Department. The search into the emails between Abedin and Clinton, however, did not reveal any new evidence.

New details regarding the search warrant and its findings may help people determine whether the search into Abedin’s emails was justified or whether it was an attempt to discredit Clinton right before the election.

Huma Abedin has been blamed for Clinton’s devastating loss to Donald Trump, along with other member’s of Clinton’s inner circle. An insider told Vanity Fair that Clinton’s close-knit inner circle of advisers shut people out, becoming distracted during the election. The informant claimed that Abedin “enjoyed being a celebrity too much.”

Blame has fallen upon Abedin and the rest of the inner circle who reportedly “suffocated” Clinton and “reinforced all the bad habits,” problems which kept Clinton from connecting with voters.

With the Electoral College casting their votes today, the search for someone to blame is at an all-time high as the last hopes that a Trump presidency might be avoided die out. Many people were hopeful that faithless electors could turn the tide and keep President-elect Donald Trump from being sworn in, but Trump still managed to win the required number of electoral votes.

According to NPR, more electors tried to defect from Hillary Clinton rather than from Donald Trump.

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Huma Abedin being blamed for Clinton’s loss is no real surprise, particularly after her husband, Anthony Weiner, was involved in yet another sexting scandal just weeks before the election. The controversy surrounding the scandal has made Abedin an easy target for those looking for someone to blame for Clinton’s defeat.

With a Trump presidency almost certain, Abedin’s popularity will quite likely keep declining. Seen as a beautiful charismatic figure, her political power has been on the rise since 1996 when she joined the Clinton administration as an intern, assigned to First Lady Hillary Clinton. Since then, she has steadily risen through the ranks, becoming one of Clinton’s top advisors. Abedin, who is only 40, “was widely expected to get a big job inside a Clinton White House,” according to Vanity Fair.

In a career already plagued by political and personal scandals, being blamed for Clinton’s loss will have a damaging impact on Abedin’s once-promising career.

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