Amelia Perrin Twitter: Beauty Blogger Shows Acrylic Nail Removal Damage, Addiction To Gorgeous Instagram Nails [Graphic Photo]

Amelia Perrin is a 20-year-old beauty blogger who is gaining buzz for posting an honest look at just how much damage acrylic nails can cause. According to the Daily Mail, Perrin’s nails got so bad after taking off her acrylic nails that she couldn’t even zip up her jeans due to the pain of her ripped-off nails exposing much of her nail bed. Perrin admitted on Twitter that the raw nerves exposed beneath her nails meant Amelia couldn’t even take a shower because of the pain caused by the hot water. Perrin wrote that she was pretty sure she left some shampoo in her hair because she couldn’t stand the pain of trying to wash out her hair any longer.

Perrin has had her acrylic nails done by professionals for six years — causing damage and an addiction that makes Amelia feel put together when they look nice. However, the below graphic photo shows just how bad the real nails beneath the fake acrylic nails can become when the acrylic nails aren’t removed correctly — and if the acrylic nails are worn too often without giving the real nails a chance to breathe underneath.

Amelia’s nails were bleeding after removing her own fake nails, so she turned to social media to warn her beauty fans about the melee. Perrin wrote that she received lots of questions about acrylic nails, so Amelia wanted to show those people the real deal about what can happen when wearing fake nails too often. Amelia is a beauty pageant winner who was Miss South East 2015 — a position that made her a beauty expert of sorts. Despite all the damage, Amelia admitted that she would still get acrylic nails put back on after only five days.

Perrin is being applauded for exposing the truth about what can happen with acrylic nail damage — and for showing the truth behind the glitz and glamor.

Women like Amelia tend to love acrylic nails because they can be done relatively quickly, and especially because they can last for a long time without the polish chipping on the fake nails, when compared to gel nails or other methods of applying nail polish. Amelia shared another photo that showed how much her nails had healed by consuming biotin pills. That photo depicted a lot healthier view of Perrin’s nails. However, Amelia admitted that she wouldn’t be giving up her acrylic nails anytime soon.

“I prefer the look of long fake nails than real ones as they chip easier and sometimes look dirty and bendy. I get them done professionally and usually get them removed professionally but I didn’t have time and one nail had come off and i didn’t want to have nine nails on so I started peeling and snapping them off, I then soaked the remains off in acetone. I filed off all the remains, put my fingers in plasters (as the nerves were exposed showering, washing up etc really hurts) and took biotin pills for the interim. I know they’ll remain damaged but to be honest at this point I’m pretty sure I’m too far gone to return to 100 per cent healthy nails they don’t grow the same anymore even if I take my acrylics off.

The healing of Amelia’s nails can be seen in the following photo from Amelia’s Twitter, where she wrote about taking two different kinds of Biotin each day.

According to nail experts, the proper way to remove acrylic nails does not involve ripping them off, which can cause damage. However, a healthier way to remove them involves having the enhancements soaked off by a professional so as not to cause damage.

[Featured Image by Vitezslav Malina/Shutterstock]