‘Teen Mom 2’ Editing Makes Leah Messer Nervous: ‘You Don’t Know What’s Going To Be On Air’

As with all reality TV, Teen Mom 2 goes through a lot of editing between filming and going on air. The editing is so bad that it makes some of the stars nervous. Leah Messer recently spoke out about the editing, saying “you don’t know what’s going to be on air.”

Messer is well-known by fans of the reality show as the “monster mom,” according to Radar Online. She has been repeatedly slammed by the audience for either not feeding her children or allowing them to eat the wrong things. It turns out that the events are part of the poor editing, as the producers have an agenda for the way they want the teen moms to look. As fans tune in and tweet all about Messer’s parenting skills, the producers push this agenda even more.

The 25-year-old mom of three has said that she gets nervous about what will come up on the show. However, she has said that there will not be as much drama around her family as much in this season of Teen Mom 2. There will be many more positive events between her and her three girls.

She has also confirmed that there won’t be as much feuding with her exes Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert. In fact, she even says that she and Simms are excellent co-parents and she gets on extremely well with Calvert. Messer has even gone as far to say that she and Simms will not be going to court over custody of their twins since they now get along extremely well. We can wait and see how the producers choose to edit the show together and whether more arguments than good moments will show up.

“We actually co-parent great, we get along good. Jeremy and I get along pretty well.”

Like with any reality TV show, Messer isn’t completely happy with the editing process. She does wonder how the editors can sleep at night, considering the way they make her and her family look. The show and the network have a habit of portraying her unfairly, and there is nothing that she can do about it. However, she continues to appear in Teen Mom 2 in the hopes of proving everyone wrong.

One of the most recent storylines that had fans irate was Messer’s decision not to feed her twin daughters before school. She hit back saying that she does feed her children, but the editing decision has swayed things. That was a busy school run morning, and she was overwhelmed. It is also one breakfast out of 364 others in the year.

There will likely be some drama in Teen Mom 2 when it starts in January. While Messer and Calvert get on well, she does have an issue with his current flame. Back in September, the Hollywood Gossip shared that Calvert was engaged to Brooke Wehr. There were rumors at the time that he and Messer were getting back together and that she was holding out hope for reuniting. Now he is spending more of his time with Wehr on their new clothing line.

It is likely that the cameras were filming when Messer found out the news that her daughter’s father was engaged to another member of Teen Mom 2. Will that be shown during the next season? It is likely that the producers will want some of it aired, knowing that fans are intrigued by the relationship drama.

Teen Mom 2 fans won’t need to wait too long to see how the editing is pieced together. You can then make up your own mind over what you believe. Messer says there won’t be as much drama this year, but is nervous about the way the show will be edited together, as she doesn’t know “what’s going to be on air.”


Teen Mom 2 airs on January 2, 2017, on MTV.

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Facebook]