Kristen Doute On Jax Taylor As A Father: Is Brittany Cartwright Pregnant?

Kristen Doute has found love with Brian Carter while Vanderpump Rules wasn’t filming, and she’s super excited about her current relationship. While Kristen has been a huge support to Katie Maloney during her wedding planning and even during the nuptials, Doute isn’t quite sure as to where the group is going. While Katie really wanted to get married after seeing Scheana Shay’s nuptials last year, Kristen isn’t really sure what she’s going to do. The way she sees it, people can either go with the married route or they can follow in Stassi Schroeder’s single footsteps.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute is now revealing that Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright may be the next couple to get married. It’s no secret that Jax has been opposed to marriage for a long time, as he just wanted to be single, party and hook up with women. But Kristen Doute is convinced that Brittany may have changed his mind because she is really the best thing that has happened to him.

“I know that Brittany is the best thing that has ever happened to Jax,” Kristen Doute told Bravo about their relationship, adding that Cartwright is the best possible match for Taylor as she knows how to handle him. “And Brittany just knows how to handle him. She knows how to be sweet and kind and sort of subdue him when he’s having the Jax panic attack and a temper tantrum. But she also puts her foot down, and she’s very stern. And they’re hilarious together, and I just think it’s a really good balance. There’s no way Jax could be with anyone else.”

And it sounds like things are going so well between them that Kristen Doute is convinced Brittany will get pregnant sooner rather than later. While Jax has never talked about wanting children, Kristen Doute is convinced that it will happen sooner rather than later. And since Jax is already in his 30s, Doute is convinced that Brittany is actually the first person in the group to get pregnant.

“I feel like Brittany just wants to be a mom, and I think that’s sort of the role that Jax wants for her. He wants the wife and the mom, take care of him, take care of the household,” Kristen Doute explained to Bravo about them possibly having children, adding, “Jax wants to lay on the couch, he wants 25 sandwiches, he wants the dog bathed, the house cleaned and to make out with his girlfriend. That’s all he wants in life. So yeah, I think Brittany’s going to get pregnant first.”

While the thought of Taylor becoming a father is scary to many people, Vanderpump Rules fans can relax for now. It doesn’t sound like Brittany is pregnant, even though the two of them just expanded their family with two dogs. But should Brittany get pregnant tomorrow, it sounds like Kristen has no doubts that Jax will be able to figure it out. In fact, she’s convinced that he will be a great father even though he doesn’t have the best track record with drinking and telling the truth.

“I actually think that Jax would make an excellent father, and I think it would really put him in his place. I think it would humble him,” Kristen Doute told Bravo about Taylor being a father and possibly getting married sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Kristen Doute’s comments about Jax’s possible future? Do you think he will get married and even have children in the future?

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