Coco Gives Cleavage Filled Weather Report On Hurricane Sandy [Video]

Coco may not be a qualified meteorologist but she does give an interesting weather report. The curvy reality star braved the elements during Hurricane Sandy yesterday to inform New Yorkers that it was really, really windy outside.

Coco, who’s married to rapper Ice-T, posted a video yesterday of some amateur field reporting about the hurricane. The video, which plays more like a wet t-shirt contest, was filmed from Edgewater, New Jersey, next to the Hudson River.

Coco tries to inform her viewers that it’s really windy outside but most of the audio is muffled by the storm. But that shouldn’t bother much of Coco’s target audience…

The reality star writes on Twitter: “I just uploaded a video of me testing out the wind before Hurricane Sandy hits land. U can’t hear crap though.”

Here’s the video of Coco’s weather report from Hurricane Sandy.


The best part of the video comes at the 45 second mark when a gust of wind blows Coco’s shirt closed. The reality star is quick to push her shirt back behind her back so viewers can get a clearer picture of her weather report.

Coco may made a light-hearted video during the storm last night but the reality star, like many people in New York and New Jersey, soon found herself without power.

Coco tweeted:

“In total blackness. No power, streets r flooded. Its kinda creepy. I feel like I’m n Walking Dead show waiting on zombies 2 come out any minute.”