Krim Murders: ‘Killer Nanny’ Will Allegedly Be Arraigned From Her Hospital Bed

The nanny accused of murdering the two Krim toddlers in Manhattan is expected to be arraigned from her hospital bed if New York Daily News source claims are accurate. Yoselyn Ortega, 50, may still be incubated after her failed suicide attempt, but she is allegedly able to communicate.

Ortega suffered a broken vertebra and has undergone surgery, according to CBS News. The nanny is reportedly still refusing to talk with police investigating the Krim murders but has allegedly asked to speak with her own family. The New York City nanny is accused of stabbing to death Lucia, 6, and Leo, 2, inside the family’s apartment last week.

When Marina Krim returned with her older daughter, she discovered the toddlers soaking in a pool of their own blood. The children’s father Kevin Krim was on a plane coming home from California when the murders happened.

The Manhattan nanny does not have a criminal record. A spokesman from the NYPD noted on Monday that Yoselyn Ortega had planned to visit a doctor t0 address her “recent psychological problems.” She began working inside the Krim household two years ago and became like one of the family.

After she moved to New York City, Ortega worked at several jobs including one at a printing company in midtown. Her sister, Celia, encouraged her to consider a career as a nanny. The Dominican Republic native grew up in Santiago and was the youngest of six children.

Sister Mylades Ortega had this to say about her sister’s personality:

“She is the baby. From the beginning, she was always very loving and cheerful. She was the friendliest of us all. She loved these children like her own.”