Father Allegedly Drowned Six-Year-Old Daughter, Then Placed Body In Bed With Dead Dogs Before Taking His Own Life After Wife Leaves Him

A father in East Cowes, Isle of Wight, – located in England – who reportedly suffered from depression, drowned his six-year-old daughter, then placed her body in bed with her dead dogs before taking his own life after his wife left him, according to the Mirror.

On June 1 of this year, Darren Flux-Edmonds, 44, sent his wife, Nikki, who was on her way to work as a financial service administrator, a long, chilling text message in which most of it has been withheld by police.

Police officials released the last sentence of the text, which read: “You have left me with nothing, I’ll leave you with only memories.”

Nikki pulled her vehicle and immediately alerted police before returning home.

It was reported that the pair had recently separated after 12 years of marriage and Darren – who was unemployed – was at his wife’s home with their daughter Keziah.

Darren began seeing a therapist, Darren White, whose reports indicated that he would often have nightmares about murdering his wife and daughter.

The therapist also wrote in his note that “he [Darren] said this is something he would never actually do. He loved them enormously and had never hurt someone in the past.”

“As part of Darren’s risk management, he thought it would be helpful to carry a picture of his daughter with him to remind him he had her in his life.”

When Nikki finally made her way to her home, she waited for police to arrive and when they did, they made a grim discovery.

Darren, his daughter, and their pet dogs were dead inside.

Police officials say they believe Darren drowned his daughter in the bathtub, as well as the family dogs, and placed them in bed – holding each other.

A detective said the child was “laying on her back and her head was to the left. She appeared to be in her pajamas, on each side of her was a dog.”

“The child’s arms had been moved to look like she was cuddling each of the dogs. Around the child’s mouth was foam.”

Afterward, he reportedly took his own life by hanging himself from the rafters in the loft.

Nikki told investigators that when she left for work, “he seemed different, he was quiet. He always asked me if I had thought about getting back with him but he didn’t ask. I felt he wasn’t happy.”

She reportedly asked Darren if he would be okay with their daughter while she met with a client and he told her that he was feeling sick, but he would be okay so she left the two alone.

As she was leaving, she could see Darren through the window, sitting on the couch with their daughter next to him, leaning on his shoulder. It never occurred to her that her husband would drown Keziah and the family dogs before taking his own life.

About 25 minutes after leaving her home, Darren sent her a chilling text message.

“There was never a moment when Darren could not see Keziah. She loved Darren. She thought the sun shone out of him,” she added.

“She was my world. Darren has killed my baby and my boys [the dogs]. He was petrified I was going to go with someone else and did that to punish me.”

“My world is over. I have nothing left, my whole life was Keziah. She was my only chance of having a child. I did everything to make her happy and I have nothing left.”

A police spokesperson said: “At this stage, we are treating this as an isolated incident and we would like to reassure the community that there is no wider risk. We would like to thank residents for their patience as we deal with this incident.”

“Formal identification procedures are ongoing and we will not be in a position to confirm the names of the deceased until these are complete. Specialist officers are supporting the family.”

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