K.A.R.D: K-Pop's New Co-Ed Group -- Everything You Need To Know! 'Oh NaNa' Single, Secret Member, And More [Video]

K.A.R.D, K-pop's new co-ed group, hit the scene recently in a big way. On December 12, they dropped their first single online, called "Oh NaNa."

The R&B/hip/dancehall track really shows off the talents of the group and the music video shows that they're more than competent dancers and entertainers. Check out the video below.

Co-ed groups are rare in K-Pop, a genre that tends to favor boy-bands, girl-groups, and soloists. But that doesn't mean that co-ed groups don't exist. K.A.R.D is definitely not the first.

As Inquisitr previously noted, there have been quite a few K-Pop coed bands before K.A.R.D. Some of these groups include Urban Zakapa, Clazziquai Project, Koyote, 8Eight, and MFBTY.

However, many of these groups don't receive the same fan adoration and idol status as the members of boy-bands, girl-groups, or soloists.

However, K.A.R.D may become the co-ed K-Pop group that breaks the mold. The music video for "Oh NaNa" currently has close to 1.5 million views on YouTube. Not bad for a song that was released on December 12.

According to Soompi, "Oh NaNa" has made its mark on the music charts as well. As of four days ago, the song was perched at No. 4 on the international iTunes K-Pop music chart. The only K-Pop song that charted higher was BIGBANG's "MADE" track. The song also made its way into the top 10 on the iTunes K-Pop charts of Japan, England, and France.

So, it's definitely time to learn more about this budding group before they release new music or go on tour!

The K.A.R.D members

K.A.R.D. currently consists of four permanent members: two boys and two girls, As Kpop Map notes, they were created by DSP media, the same label that gave us APRIL, A-JAX, and Hur YoungJi, among others.

The group's permanent members are called BM, Jeon JiWoo, J.Seph, and Jeon SoMin. But what sets K.A.R.D apart from other K-Pop groups, co-ed or otherwise, is that they feature a hidden member or "hidden card."

According to Kpop Map, the group is set to launch three project albums, which will all showcase a special "guest artist" that takes on the "Hidden Card" persona for the project.

For the first project, which they dropped on December 13, the hidden member is Hur YoungJi, aka Young Ji.

All four members started off as DSP trainees, but the group has received some extra publicity because of Jeon SoMin; she used to be a part of "Baby KARA" and is a former member of APRIL.


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The K.A.R.D personas

As an article on All Kpop notes, each member of K.A.R.D has a different persona which is represented by a card.

B.M is the King, J.seph is Ace, Somin is BlackJokeR, and Jiwoo is the ColorJokeR to distinguish her personality from Somin's

K.A.R.D's debut song, music video, and branding has us thinking they might be the first K-Pop group to reach idol status. We look forward to seeing what's in the cards for this dynamic new group.

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