October 19, 2019
WWE Star Paige Causes Reddit Uproar After Nude Photos, Pic With NXT Belt Leak

Two-time WWE Divas Champion Paige became a hot topic on Reddit after her stolen sex tapes and nude photos were leaked online. Some Redditors think that one image of the British Total Divas star could result in WWE terminating her contract.

According to the Sun, Paige recently revealed that she was the victim of a hacker. Multiple explicit videos and nude photos were stolen from the 24-year-old WWE Diva, and BET reports that one of the leaked videos is a sex tape that allegedly shows WWE Superstar Brad Maddox and The New Day member Xavier Woods "getting intimate" with Paige. The video is getting a lot of attention online, but the current talk of Reddit is a leaked photo of Paige with the NXT Women's Championship belt.

The photo allegedly shows the belt covered with a body fluid that is not blood, and Redditors think that the explicit image could kill Paige's WWE career because it "involves the desecration of a WWE championship belt." Paige became the first NXT Women's Champion in 2013.

"I think this could be it for Paige. The leaks aren't her fault at all but I don't think WWE will take kindly to this," wrote one wrestling fan on the SquaredCircle subreddit.

"Out of all the pictures and images that have been leaked, this will probably be the most damaging," another commented.

Paige's Leaked Photos Spark Talk That WWE Will Fire Her
Redditors fear that Paige may be fired over leaked belt photo. [Image by Joachim Sielski/Bongarts/Getty Images]

Paige hasn't seen any action in the ring since undergoing surgery on her neck last October, and her previous behavior has landed her in hot water with WWE. As Forbes reports, Paige violated WWE's Wellness Policy twice last year and was suspended for a total of 90 days. There were also rumors that WWE threatened to fire her if she didn't end her relationship with Mexican pro wrestler Alberto Del Rio, who eventually left WWE and signed with Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA Wrestling). Paige proposed to Del Rio in the ring last October, and Wrestling Inc reports that the couple is in the process of planning a May wedding.

Because Paige's relationship with WWE has been so rocky, there was speculation that she would be terminated over her second Wellness Policy violation. However, she hasn't been fired yet, and Fansided thinks that she'll also survive her latest scandal. This is because Paige is the victim here; the nude photos and sex tapes that were leaked online were stolen from Paige, and she does not deserve to be punished for someone else's wrongdoing. Some fans also think that she's only holding a replica of the NXT Women's Championship belt in the photo that's causing such an uproar, so Paige didn't actually desecrate WWE property that was eventually passed on to another wrestler.

Unfortunately, Paige doesn't just have to be concerned about how the WWE powers-that-be will react to her nude photos and sex tapes; she also has to be worry about how her fiancé responds to this invasion of privacy. According to one report, Alberto Del Rio is not taking it well.

"Alberto [Del Rio] is definitely the jealous type and this is not sitting well with him at all," a source told Hollywood Life. "He is currently dealing with a range of emotions of wanting to protect Paige in this invasion of her privacy and he is also extremely upset that the video is with another man. It is really not a good situation right now, he is very livid."


However, fans shouldn't jump to conclusions and assume that Paige's sex tape with two other men shows her cheating on Del Rio. According to Bleacher Report, Paige's mother has revealed that the stolen photos and videos are "from years ago."

So far, Alberto Del Rio has not made a public statement about Paige's leaked photos and videos, and Paige's only response has been a short tweet.

"Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent," Paige wrote.

She also retweeted a supportive message from her brother, Roy Knight, about hitting rock bottom and surviving.

Paige isn't the only celebrity who has been targeted by hackers recently. According to Gossip Cop, other victims who have had their private photos and videos stolen include Emma Watson, Annaleigh Tipton, Amanda Seyfried, Dylan Penn, and Katie Cassidy.

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