Aaron Benitez Of Hilarious ‘Aaron’s Animals’ Cat Videos On Vine And Instagram Was Home Schooled And Homeless For Two Years

Aaron Benetiz has become wildly popular lately because of his viral “Aaron’s Animals” vines and videos featuring his cat, Prince Michael, and other animals in wacky situations. The young millennial, who was home schooled along with his younger brother, worked hard and sacrificed in unconventional ways to get where he is today, though.

The “Aaron’s Animals” videos use special effects to show various animals, especially Aaron’s cat, in ridiculous situations and doing ridiculous things.


The hilarious vines also frequently show his cat and other animals showing human emotions that human viewers can relate to.


Buzzfeed, which featured a compilation of some of the funniest “Aaron’s Animals” videos in “13 Reasons You Should Follow ‘Aaron’s Animals’ Immediately,” called the delightfully silly series “some of the most creative animal videos on the entire internet.”


The wacky videos sometimes include other animals such as hamsters, dogs, and rabbits. Most often, they star Aaron’s cat, Prince Michael, a British short hair whom Aaron calls “super chill.”


Aaron can do the videos because of years of sacrifice and ingenuity, however. Despite his young age, he has made many unconventional choices to get where he is today.

Benetiz says he lived out of his Suburban for his last two years at Viola University after his parents were no longer able to pay for his college tuition after his sophomore year. He chose to live out of the SUV, which he bought at a police auction, in order to finish his college education without taking out any student loans and to start saving for the future. During that time, he also started his own businesses, including a wedding video business that he used to supplement his income.

In a YouTube video, he talked about his years living out of the Suburban and what he learned from the challenging time. He said that his years living without a home were sometimes scary and difficult, but the experience also had many benefits, including life lessons, adventure, saving money and “being pushed out of my comfort zone.”

By the end of his college years, Aaron had saved enough money to pay for a down-payment on a condo. However, instead of living in it, he rented it out and chose to live in its garage so the condo could bring in more income.

Now, Aaron says the revenue from his businesses and his properties allow him to pursue his passions through “Aaron’s Animals” and other visual effects projects full time.

Aaron talked about how he developed his talent for visual effects in another YouTube video where he shared that he was home schooled along with his brother, who is two years younger. Aaron says he and his brother “fought a lot” until he was about 12 years old, at which time they started to make videos together. He enjoyed video making so much that when he left for college, he decided to go into it as a career instead of his other love, biology.

Despite his college education in film making, Aaron says he learned everything he knows about visual effects on his own and through online tutorials. He now shares his passion for visual effects with his friend and business partner, Zach King, through sites such as VFX Bro.

Aaron says that a lesson he learned from his parents is that “if you work like no one else right now, you’ll be able to live like no one else in the future.”

On his website, Aaron’s Animals, the young entrepreneur says he is still choosing to live out of the garage of his purchased condo in order to save money and live the life he loves.

“Aaron now lives in a Garage out of a House with 7 other roommates and Prince Michael,” the site says. “Aaron makes videos for a living while Prince Michael spends most of his time sleeping on top of Aaron’s car.”

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