Blac Chyna Instagram Hack Claims Chyna Left Rob Kardashian Amidst Blac’s Kardashian Trademark Battle

Blac Chyna’s problems just keep getting more complicated. In the middle of her trademark battle with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian over her “presumed married name,” Angela Renee Kardashian, Chyna appears to have a “serious hacker problem on her hands.”

According to TMZ, Chyna’s Instagram account was hacked, and the unknown hacker is making a whole lot of Instagram trouble for Chyna and her fiance Rob Kardashian.

At first, the fake messages appeared to be from Rob, but soon the “anonymous person” switched supposed identities and began impersonating Blac. The hacker made screenshots of Notes to tell Blac’s followers that the couple had split up again.

“I no longer am with Rob, I left him and took the baby and did not even let him know.”

Whoever it is “clearly has a lot of anger towards” Chyna, according to People magazine. The outlet reports that after making the comments about Rob while pretending to be Blac, the Instagram intruder “threatened to release” some private text messages.

The hacker claimed that the screenshots of messages were conversations “that Chyna had with other men,” including Jaden Smith and rapper Young Thug. Some of the Instagram posts were alleged to be discussions with her lawyer about Chyna’s Kardashian trademark battle.

Kim, Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian don't want BLac Chyna to trademark the Kardashian name
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The Instagram hacker stopped pretending to be Chyna or Kardashian, and started shading Blac for using Rob to get the Kardashian name. The post appeared to show Blac saying that she didn’t plan to “ask Kris” for permission to trademark the name “Angela Kardashian.”

“This is one convo between Chyna and her lawyer Walter about getting married in order to trademark the Kardashian name. This has all just been a game to her as you can see in the next post…”

The hacker didn’t stop there. One of the posts is supposed to show a “text conversation between Chyna and her friend Treasure.” Blac is alleged to be complaining about the way Rob treats her, and Treasure tries to help by asking “what would motivate” the only Kardashian son.

The Instagram troublemaker shows Chyna responding with some harsh words about Rob. “Idk, nothing. He’s lazy, fat, insecure.”

She decided the only way to deal with her Instagram troubles was to create a new account, with a new name, @Blacchynala

The Daily Mail reports that Blac made a series of videos ” explaining ‘that’s not me'” to her fans via the new Blac Chyna Instagram account.

The hacker finished by directing people to visit Kardashian’s Snapchat. He’s seen going around his empty house complaining about being left “alone,” and that was the final straw for Chyna. In the end, she seemed to decide that it was actually Rob hacking her Instagram account, and she posted his Snapchat along with a rant of her own.

“I’M DONE.This entire year I have done nothing but help Rob! It’s so SAD & PATHETIC how low he’d stoop to cover up HIS PERSONAL ISSUES! I have done nothing but help & loved him from the beginning! It’s Chy here I got my own!!!”

She ended her Instagram post on a super sad note, saying that Rob knew all about her “last situation” and promised to “never put me through it. Especially after our child is only 1 month.”

Blac Chyna wears Rob Kardashian before Instagram hack
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Kardashian responded one last time with some sad notes of his own. He said it was supposed to be “the best year of my life,” but Chyna “knows how to hurt me.” He assures his followers that it’s all real, and he and Blac aren’t doing it “for some ratings.”

What do you think? Was Blac Chyna’s Instagram account hacked deliberately to get ratings for the reality shows?

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