CeeLo Green Samsung Cellphone Explodes In Face? Update: Real Or Fake Hoax – Is Ceelo Okay? [Rumor]

Paula Mooney - Author

Dec. 29 2016, Updated 3:34 a.m. ET

The below video claims to be studio footage showing CeeLo Green’s Samsung cellphone exploding in CeeLo’s face. The force of the explosion from the purported Samsung phone causes such a blast to Green’s face that it sends CeeLo off of his chair, with Green landing on the ground. But is the video of CeeLo’s cellphone supposedly exploding in his face real or fake? And if so, did CeeLo really have a Samsung cellphone? What version of a Samsung cellphone was Green using? All these questions and more are popping up in the wake of the following CeeLo footage going viral on social media. Some are wondering if CeeLo created a fake hoax to test fake news reports — or if Green was really injured.

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According to Hollywood Life, the 42-year-old CeeLo was inside the recording studio on Saturday, December 17, when Green’s cellphone exploded in his face. The security footage does not appear to show a date so that viewers can confirm when the incident happened. Already many people online are wondering if the footage of CeeLo’s cellphone exploding is real or fake. The phone Green holds does appear to begin smoking as CeeLo swivels around in his chair, speaking on his cellphone and watching footage on a large TV screen. Suddenly, the smoke turns into a blast, and CeeLo lands on the floor. Green remains on the floor when the video ends, with CeeLo appearing not to move.

The video of CeeLo has gained hundreds of thousands of views online, but as of this writing, Snopes has not written about the veracity of the security camera footage — declaring it real or fake. TMZ has not published a report about CeeLo’s alleged exploding cellphone yet either. Nor are there any prominent Google News stories as of this writing declaring any hospital that CeeLo may have been treated at following his supposed exploding cellphone incident. However, that doesn’t mean that the exploding cellphone incident didn’t necessarily happen — there’s just plenty of questions surrounding whether the security footage is real or fake — and whether Green was really hurt or if CeeLo was playing a prank. The exploding cellphone blast didn’t seem strong enough to send Green to the ground in such a manner — but exploding cellphone parts could cause damage when held so close to CeeLo’s face.


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