Watch: Cee Lo Green Samsung Phone Seemingly Explodes, Knocks Singer Out Of Chair Injuring Him [Video]

A new video showing what appears to be a Samsung phone exploding while Cee Lo Green is on a call is making viral rounds. As Samsung is currently the subject of a wide number of recalls and possible litigation, it’s important to keep the context of the video in perspective. It’s unclear what the exact circumstances surrounding the phone are. If in fact, it was a Samsung, and if this is a true video of Cee Lo Green’s Samsung phone exploding while he was using it, what the legalities of that implication will be. It’s also unknown if the video is real or fake. Was Cee Lo Green really injured by an exploding Samsung or is this another hoax?

Samsung issued a recall on their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones after multiple reports surfaced of the phone overheating and catching fire were reported. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall was last updated on Dec. 9, 2016, and the recall has been expanded, according to the official Samsung website. You can watch the full video that seemingly and allegedly shows a Samsung phone exploding in Cee Lo Green’s face as he uses it in the video player above. Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall at the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) website.

According to the CPSC, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones may overheat and catch fired, due to issues with the lithium-ion battery. The phones pose a serious threat to consumers and under the recall, consumers are advised to return their phones for either a refund or replacement. The original recall date was Sept. 15, 2016. There have been ongoing issues and the recall continues to expand. While we await official confirmation regarding the legitimacy of the video and whether Cee Lo Green truly was injured while using a Samsung, keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall is real. If you have a Samsung Note 7, you need to contact one of the approved retailers for a refund or replacement.

We’re keeping a watch on Cee Lo Green’s social media networks for confirmation regarding the legitimacy of the video and claims that are being made online. As of this time, there is nothing verifiable to confirm whether or not Cee Lo Green’s Samsung phone exploded and caused him injury. Here are links to Cee Lo Green’s social media networks and official profiles: Cee Lo Green official website, Cee Lo Green Facebook, Cee Lo Green Twitter, Cee Lo Green Google Plus, Cee Lo Green Instagram, and Cee Lo Green on iTunes.

Currently, the closest thing to verify the authenticity of the Cee Lo Green video comes from Mediatakeout. They posted the video to their Facebook page and when asked whether the footage was real or not, they responded that they paid money for the video and that it was real. Still, there hasn’t been official confirmation from Cee Lo Green’s team that the video is legitimate. You can see the video shared by Mediatakeout at Facebook below.

Cee Lo Green is a former Voice judge and has released several Christmas songs. You can watch and listen to Cee Lo Green with the Muppets performing Christmas classics in the video playlist below.

What do you think about the video? Do you believe it is legitimate or do you think this is another fake news story? It isn’t uncommon for these things to take place and spread virally on the Internet. If it is legitimate, then it appears Cee Lo Green might be injured. Stay tuned as we’ll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest news and updates regarding Cee Lo Green’s well-being, health and the Samsung 7 recall.

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