Amanda Stanton Tries On Wedding Dresses, As Josh Murray Post Cryptic Instagram Post

The rumors have been flying about Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray. This couple met on Bachelor in Paradise and fell in love. They got engaged at the end of the show, but now Reality Steve is saying that they have split. Steve said that Josh and Amanda called it quits, but weren't sharing the news just yet. He didn't know why they weren't telling anyone, but he was sure that they were over. Lace Morris and Grant Kemp already revealed that they were done, and if Josh and Amanda split, that will leave Carly Waddell and Evan Bass as the only couple from this season still together.

Since then, Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray have made it look like they are still together. They haven't admitted to breaking up, but haven't been sharing photos that they are a happy couple either. Tonight Josh posted a very cryptic post on his Instagram that his fans thinking that he might be done with Amanda. This was a picture of Josh holding one of Amanda's little girls. Along with it, he put the caption "I will always love this precious little angel ❤️." His last post with Amanda was one week ago and just says "Happy, Happy, Happy."

Josh and Amanda
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Amanda Stanton actually went to her Instagram and posted a picture of her trying on wedding dresses. It was a sponsored post that she was getting paid to put up. She was wearing a wedding dress, but so was the girl she was with in the picture. She said, "Visited my local @davidsbridal yesterday with @mikalathomass! We had an amazing time meeting with the stylist & had so much fun trying on so many beautiful dresses. These were our favorites - what do you guys think? #Sponsored #davidsbridal." On Instagram live video, she also showed that she was trying on bridesmaids dresses, so her friend might be the one tying the knot. Amanda has done a great job of hiding her ring finger in her recent pictures, making it hard for anyone to see if she is still wearing it.

Amanda and Josh both posted pictures with her daughter in the exact same shirt showing they were at least around each other for the boat parade yesterday. Josh also posted a live video that showed he was with Amanda's daughters. This doesn't mean they are still together, but it doesn't show that they have split either. Right now, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton just have their fans really confused on what is going on. Everyone would love to get an update from them about if they are together or not.

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About a week ago, Us Magazine shared their thoughts on the alleged split between Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray. They have been together for six months, but a friend of Amanda's said that they "broke up, but their relationship is always up in the air. It's been like that from the beginning." A second source said they are together, but have their issues. Nobody really seems to know what is going on with the couple. Josh actually moved to California to live with her, but Reality Steve had said he was staying at a hotel. Nobody really seems to know for sure and it looks like fans will just have to wait for Amanda and Josh to talk.

Do you think that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are still together? Do you think this couple can make it work? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2017 with Nick Viall when it starts airing in January 2017 on ABC. Fans are hopeful that this is the time that Nick Viall will finally find his match. The new season starts on January 2.

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