‘South Park’ Takes On Armstrong Doping Scandal

The animated TV comedy South Park is making fun of the recent doping scandal involving Lance Armstrong.

According to Today, the comedy satire is taking aim at a disgraced icon that is “hinted” to be like the former seven-time-Tour-de-France champion Lance Armstrong.

A teaser clip, released on Monday, shows the small town residents standing in line to get their yellow wristbands removed. The teaser clip is of an episode entitled “A Scause for Applause”.

Even though the teaser for the October 31st episode did not mention Armstrong by name, Comedy Central said in a statement that the episode deals with “the recent news of drug use by a beloved icon” and “the world is left feeling lost and betrayed.”

It is pretty obvious that the episode is aimed toward Armstrong, since the former cycling icon used yellow wristbands to promote his charity Livestrong.


In the upcoming South Park episode, the news leaves the town enraged and upset.

Chubby foul-mouthed Eric Cartman, one of the show’s four main children, states “I can’t believe we all got duped.” Schoolboy Clyde Donovan yells “lying jerk” and the school counselor, Mr. Mackey, cries as his bracelet is removed, saying, “I don’t know what to believe in anymore.”

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are notorious for quickly responding to current affairs and taboo subjects for their raunchy comedy show. Because of this type of humore, South Park has become a cult hit.

South Park airs at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central on Wednesday nights.