Trevor Noah Continues To Blast Donald Trump On 'The Daily Show'

Trevor Noah's ratings show no signs of slowing down. According to Showbuzz Daily, he attracted 824,000 viewers Thursday evening while attracting 917,000 on Wednesday. His ratings have gone up since the election, and Mr. Noah has taken every opportunity he has to tap into the anger of many after Donald Trump has been elected president.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah's Trump bashing has earned him higher ratings than earlier this year. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

One of Noah's most talked about segments occurred on Wednesday evening when, according to Business Insider, he said that Donald Trump is finally telling the truth about his lying.

"And on Wednesday's episode of 'The Daily Show,' host Trevor Noah pointed out something he found in these speeches: the emergence of 'Truth Trump.'"
"The Donald voices some political opinion and then Truth Trump slips in and tells you the real deal," Noah is quoted as saying, using examples in Wisconsin and West Virginia to prove his point.
Earlier in the week, as the Daily Beast points out, Trevor Noah made fun of Trump's meeting with Kanye West.

"Yes, Donald Trump and Kanye had a little meeting today. And look at Kanye West's hair. The guy was in Trump Tower less than an hour and Trump's people gold-plated his head already? What are they doing! I mean, I guess it could have been worse," Noah is quoted as saying, adding that the meeting must have gone well since Kanye tweeted he is going to run against Trump in 2024, not 2020 as he originally planned.

Noah even joked that we may be able to see Donald Trump in a "Bound III" music video. The segment earned a lot of discussion on Twitter.

As the Huffington Post noted last week, Trevor said that Trump's recent Carrier deal was proof that he is a terrible negotiator.

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah thinks Donald Trump is a terrible negotiator. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

"I love how Donald Trump makes it like, 'I told Carrier what to do and they did it.' No, that's not what happened. They threatened something. Trump paid them the money and they still sent hundreds of jobs to Mexico," Noah was quoted as saying.

According to the article, Noah added that Donald Trump would be the worst hostage negotiator, telling the holders to come out with their hands up and instead of shooting them, telling them that he's sending in a million dollars and more hostages. Many of the commenters after the article agreed with Noah's assessment.

"Trump, always coming off like the vain and foolish rooster which thinks the sun rises because he crows in the morning," said Maria Rosa.

"I just don't get how people — even people who voted for him — cannot see how they are being played?" asked Wayne Wright.

In a recent interview with Financial Times, Trevor Noah talked about his first thoughts when taking over Jon Stewart's hosting duties for The Daily Show.

"I'm a guy plucked from obscurity, in terms of an American audience. The worst thing? I don't live up to Jon's legacy, don't live up to anyone's expectations, I lose the show. What happens? Nothing."
In the interview, Noah adds that he knew what he was investing in and limited his liabilities. However, he believes that if he succeeds, the upside of his investment is way beyond what he would have lost. And judging by ratings and critical reaction from the past couple of weeks, it looks like Trevor Noah's investment was a good one.

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