Mariah Carey Had James Packer Clips Edited Out Of New Show, Replaced Him With Tanaka Clips

Mariah’s life has shifted quite a bit over the past few months after the mother-of-two finalized her divorce from Nick Cannon and broke off her engagement with billionaire James Packer. It seemed as though Carey should have been down and heartbroken following Packer dumping the diva, but in true Mariah form, the superstar has moved on just fine, “dahling.”

Not only does the singer-songwriter have a new reality show that hit airwaves last week to an audience of over 4 million, but she’s also reportedly in a new romance with her 33-year-old back-up dancer Bryan Tanaka, who is completely smitten with the star.

Prior to the split between Mariah and James, it was said that the billionaire would appear in the eight- part docu-series. However, once the pair broke off their engagement, Packer reportedly made it clear that he wanted all footage of himself removed from the series. Carey did not have a problem with this request, and the producers of the show have apparently done their best to keep Packer out while working more Bryan Tanaka into Mariah’s World.

Perez Hilton shared the news about the re-editing of the series.

“According to a source from Us Weekly, Mariah Carey’s new backup dancer boyfriend Bryan Tanaka will be featured a LOT more in her E! docuseries. In the wake of her October split from billionaire fiancée James Packer, Carey’s team had producers re-edit all eight episodes ‘so James is barely in it.’ Ouch! And because the Elusive Enchantress already has a new Dreamlover, scenes left on the cutting-room floor featuring the songstress flirting with Tanaka were put in instead!”

The publication goes on to note that there has also been fresh clips that have been shot of Mariah and her new love while out on a number of romantic rendezvous, including the Hawaiian beach romp that turned all eyes to the pair.

The insider stated that producers of the show wanted to focus on Mariah finding new love, not on her getting dumped by Packer, who is rumored to have been jealous earlier due to Mariah’s closeness with Tanaka, prior to the split. A recently aired episode of the show demonstrates the obvious tension between Mariah and the handsome back-up dancer. It’s clearly the best choice for the diva and for the diva’s fans for producers to show Carey enjoying new love as opposed to showing her sulking over being dumped.

As noted, Tanaka is clearly smitten with Mariah and worships her for not only her talent but her beauty and the way she treats her crew. Recently, the dancer spoke about his affection for Carey, as Us Weekly reports.

“I’ve always had a thing for Mariah. I love her so much,” Tanaka enthused. “Just make sure you tune in to the show, and you’ll see kind of how everything happens…. We’ve been friends for a long time. I do a little dance move here and there, and we have a good time.”

There are only six episodes left to go in the show, which Mariah prefers to be termed a “docu-series” as opposed to a reality program. The project was initially pitched to Mariah as a documentary so that she would consider going through with it, seeing as the diva is not a fan of the term “reality show.” The program does take viewers behind the scenes of Carey’s shows and demonstrates where her diva reputation really comes from. That being said, the show does have a reality show vibe to it.

A source close to the star states, “Mariah didn’t want to do a reality show. She thought a doc would be classy.”

[Feature Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]