Missing Oregon Teens Found Safe After Disappearing On Hike

Two missing Oregon teens are safe after they failed to return home from a weekend hike.

The two missing Oregon teens were lost after they went hiking near Portland on Saturday afternoon, expecting to return to their car by nightfall, The Associated Press reported. A police representative said the Oregon teens, 17-year-old Jackson Chandler and 16-year-old Bradley Nelson, were found safe Monday afternoon and did not need medical attention.

When the boys didn’t return home on Saturday, their parents called for help and a search team began looking for them. The two were Boy Scouts and described as experienced backpackers.

”It was very unlike them not to return from their hikes. This is why their families reported them missing,” police representative Nate Thompson said.

The missing Oregon teens hadn’t contacted anyone when they left for the hike, Thompson said.

“The last time anyone heard from them were their parents before they took off for their hike. They didn’t text or call,” said Thompson.

About 50 volunteers showed up to look for the missing Oregon teens at first, with the search growing more on Monday before they were found safe. The searchers made headway over the weekend, finding the missing Oregon teens’ truck on Sunday, but could get no further from there.

Police then ramped up their search efforts, bringing in helicopters as weather conditions grew cooler and wet. Volunteers also were not able to access many of the areas, as police deemed them too treacherous.

The missing Oregon teens were found safe from the air, ABC News reported.