December 16, 2016
Fake News Pizzagate Scandal Update: 'Not Guilty' Plea, Trial Date Unknown

On December 16, Edgar Maddison Welch, also known to VOAT or Reddit users as the "fake news man" in the Pizzagate scandal, was suspected of shooting an AR15 assault gun in the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant on December 4, and two weeks later he pleaded not guilty in a federal court.

Despite the fact that no one was hurt, the Pizzagate scandal was reportedly a planned raid, and Edgar Maddison Welch officially had charges pressed against him by federal authorities.

Edgar Maddison Welch, father of two kids, is suspected of being provoked to commit the Pizzagate scandal because he felt fake news was real and he was acting violently in order to prevent pedophilia.

Pizzagate Shooting by fake news instigation
The fake stories were upsetting for the employees. [Image by Jessica Gresko/AP Images]

Magistrate Judge G. Erika Harvey accepted his not guilty plea, but Edgar Maddison Welch is still being held without bail awaiting trial, according to Reuters.

The penalties for believing the Pizzagate fake news leaves Edgar Maddison Welch facing charges for intent to commit a crime while transporting a firearm across state lines, assault with a deadly weapon, and firearm possession while committing a violent crime.

If found guilty for involvement with the Pizzagate scandal, believing fake news could get Edgar Maddison Welch 10 years maximum for assault and firearm charges with the added sentence for firearm possession which is a maximum of 15 years.

In the details of the Pizzagate scandal is fake news that claimed Hillary Clinton was running a pedophilia ring out of the restaurant Edgar Maddison Welch attacked.

On December 14, ABC News added to this with information that was sealed until recently and stated that the

Edgar Maddison Welch also texted a friend about his feelings on the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and started referring to a cause he needed to attend to that involved "raiding" a pedophilia operation and "possibly sacrificing the lives of a few for the lives of many."

Fake News Pizzagate Conspiracy Scandal
Fake news about Pizzagate led to violence at the Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant. [Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Images]

After these texts, Edgar Maddison Welch allegedly confessed to authorities that on December 4, he left his house in North Carolina and went directly to the restaurant to take care of the Pizzagate situation that he learned about from fake news.

What is still not known is if Edgar Maddison Welch will be acquitted, and if the fake news source will be the eventual accused party in the Pizzagate scandal.

On December 13, Media Matters claims conspiracy theorist Alex Jones cleared their website of information stating Hillary Clinton and John Podesta trafficked kids through a D.C. pizzeria called Pizzagate.

FBI special agent Justin Holgate explained that Edgar Maddison Welch saw a movie prior to the Pizzagate shooting scandal that was pushed by the Infowars website that Alex Jones owns.

NPR adds on December 6 that Alex Jones has a large following with over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube -- and he says he has the ear of Donald Trump. In regard to the beginnings of the Pizzagate scandal, they state Alex Jones has been a leader and propagator of false or outrageous stories.

One of these outrageous falsehoods is a satanic sex trafficking ring run by Hillary Clinton's top advisers from a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C.

While this idea may be flagged by many readers as preposterous, fake news produced by Infowars that promoted the Pizzagate scandal is the influencing factor that Edgar Maddison Welch used when he attempted violence.

#Pizzagate fake news scandal violence recap

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, at around 3 p.m. on December 4, when Edgar Maddison Welch reached the pizza restaurant, witnesses state they observed Welch had an attack firearm across his torso. As Edgar Maddison Welch went toward the rear of the eatery, clients and workers left the building.

As everybody was running, a staff member returning from a deep freezer was interceded by Welch. The worker mentioned Edgar Maddison Welch leveled the AR15 gun his way, but Welch did not fire the weapon at the worker.

After the incident resulted in arrest, Edgar Maddison Welch informed officers he had an AR15 and a.38 quality revolver -- each of which were left in the restaurant. Edgar Maddison Welch also confessed to having more ammo and a filled shotgun in his automobile to use during the act of violence.

[Feature Image by Sathi Soma/AP Images]