Lamar Odom Seen In Rehab After ‘The Doctors’ Interview: What Did He Say About Khloe Kardashian?

Lamar Odom is currently checked into a rehab facility in San Diego, California, and earlier this week, he was photographed outside of the facility.

In new photos of the former professional athlete, Lamar Odom was seen puffing on a cigarette as he walked outside of the facility, where he is expected to remain for 60 days, in a black hooded T-shirt and gray sweatshirt.

On December 15, the Daily Mail shared photos of Lamar Odom and revealed that he was motivated to check himself into rehab after sitting down for an interview with The Doctor’s Dr. Travis Stork. In the snapshots, Lamar Odom enjoyed a cigarette on a small patio area surrounded by umbrellas and a few chairs.

Lamar Odom’s struggles have been documented for years on reality television, including a series of episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians earlier this year, and soon, he is expected to chronicle his journey to recovery in a new series.

Lamar Odom attends the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival
Lamar Odom attends the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival on April 20, 2012. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

Lamar Odom’s current stint in rehab was confirmed by his rep on Thursday.

“After consulting with his family and friends, and meeting with Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors, he has decided it is best he take time to focus on himself,” Lamar Odom’s rep said in a statement to Us Weekly on December 15. “He is dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle and being the best father he can be to his children. Lamar asks that the public please respect his privacy at this time and truly appreciates the love and support of his family, friends and fans.”

Lamar Odom’s decision to enter treatment was confirmed just days after his split from Khloe Kardashian was finalized. As fans will recall, Kardashian filed for divorce (for the second time) in May after sparking rumors of a possible reunion just months prior.

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian got married in September of 2009 and proceeded to share their relationship with fans of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and fans of their spinoff series, Khloe & Lamar, which aired for two seasons. Then, in 2013, rumors regarding Lamar Odom’s possible drug use and rumored affairs with several women began to surface. On December 13 of that year, Kardashian filed for divorce.

While Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian parted ways romantically at that time, they continued to stay in touch on and off for years after their split. When Odom suffered a drug overdose in October of last year, Kardashian immediately flew to Nevada to be by his side.

Kardashian’s family members, including the then-pregnant Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, also flew to Odom’s bedside.

Lamar Odom attends a custody hearing
Lamar Odom arrives to court for a custody hearing on March 5, 2013. [Image by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]

Lamar Odom ultimately pulled out of his coma and continued to recover from his overdose for months after he was hospitalized. However, earlier this year, rumors began swirling in regard to his potential drug relapse, and at that point, Kardashian chose to step away from their marriage for good.

During his interview with Dr. Stork on The Doctors, Lamar Odom will be seen opening up about the night of his near-fatal overdose.

“Being in that damn brothel and thinking I was going to just rest a little bit. I wasn’t in a good place mentally before that incident happened. Me and my wife at the time were going through some things. I was in a dark place,” he explained.

Now, Lamar Odom hopes that by sharing his story, he may be able to help others overcome their battles with substance abuse.

“I guess they say everything happens for a reason. I guess the reason is I’m here… I can tell the story.”

Lamar Odom’s interview with The Doctors is expected to air sometime next month.

[Featured Image by JP Yim/Getty Images]