WWE News: The New Day Expected To Drop The WWE RAW Tag Team Titles Very Soon

Earlier this week, The New Day managed to reach the record for the longest reign with any tag team title in the WWE, but could they possibly lose the titles now that the record is broken? Sheamus and Cesaro won a match on Tribute to the Troops this Wednesday to earn the right to face The New Day at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line on Sunday, which got a lot of people talking.

The last time Cesaro and Sheamus worked a straight tag team match against New Day, they had them beaten before an issue occurred due to outside interference. This led to The New Day retaining, which sucked to see for Sheamus and Cesaro fans. Now that the two have yet another shot at the WWE RAW Tag Team Titles this Sunday, one has to wonder if New Day will drop the titles this time around.

According to Cageside Seats, now that New Day have the WWE Tag Team Title reign record in the bag, the idea is for them to drop the titles soon. This is a pretty big scenario for WWE as New Day have been tag champs for over a year now. The rumor going around is that New Day could drop the titles as soon as this Sunday at WWE Roadblock.

New Day Cesaro
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It has been said for some time now that WWE wants to put the titles on Sheamus and Cesaro, but of course, WWE could always have New Day continue to retain to totally demolish Demolition’s now-former tag title reign record. There are some fans who believe it would be smart to have New Day drop the titles to a newer tag team that would need the tag push — such as The Revival.

Before people assume this would be a crazy plan over the likes of Sheamus and Cesaro, the proof is there with Revival that they are an absolutely incredible tag team who can work the heel role as good as any group before them. They have proven in WWE NXT that they can wrestle quite well, and they have made a name for themselves on the yellow brand. It would make perfect sense for The Revival to take the titles from New Day so they can claim that they ended the greatest tag team championship reign of all time.

The former two-time NXT Tag Team Champions have had match-of-the-year tag team matches with the likes of American Alpha and DIY during NXT Takeover events this past year, so there is proof that the two would be terrific foes for the New Day. They could always end the reign and lose the titles right back to New Day at WrestleMania 33, which would give New Day the big WrestleMania win that they lack.

The Revival
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Regardless, WWE knows that they cannot keep the RAW Tag Titles on New Day for much longer. Fans have been begging for a change but knew WWE wanted them to have the record. This is why the plan is to have them drop the titles relatively soon, as WWE also feels the reign has been a bit too long. Someone new with the titles is really needed right now.

Often times, record reigns are never broken due to the length one has to go to get there. People love seeing records taken down to replace them with someone new, but the wait for reign records is often far too long. The WWE Tag Team record is one of the few that can be broken without much harm because WWE’s tag scene on the main roster has not been amazing over the last few years. Things got a lot better this year, especially after the brand split.

Now that tag wrestling is back, the championship reign cannot be as long. Regardless, WWE felt New Day needed to get it. It may also have a lot to do with Demolition going after WWE in court alongside a bunch of other wrestlers. Of course, that could not be the main reason they broke the record, right? Despite who we see as the new champs, expect a change by early next year at the latest — and the soonest in a few days.

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