December 16, 2016
Norman Reedus As Daryl Dixon Will Be Ruthless In Season 7B As 'The Walking Dead' Cast Fights Back [Spoilers]

Despite a Norman Reedus nude episode, The Walking Dead Season 7A lost millions of viewers. Thankfully, Season 7B promises to be everything Season 7A was not. TWD fans will be overjoyed, and will hopefully resume watching the show.

The Walking Dead's ratings plunged to a four-year low, with their mid-season finale according to EconoTimes. Not since 2012 has TWD attracted so few viewers. Thankfully the show will be picking up the pace and action lovers and Norman Reedus fans should be satisfied with the latter half of Season 7.

Norman Reedus was totally naked as Daryl Daryl Dixon experienced torture. Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes appeared to be beaten and seemed to have given up. In the mid-season finale, though, it is obvious these zombie apocalypse survivors have finally resolved to fight. None of them will be pulling any punches in The Walking Dead Season 7B, least of all Daryl.

Norman Reedus is quoted in Comic Book explaining just how hard it was for him to go through season 7A.
"This whole season has been really hard for me. I was talking to Melissa, and she was like, 'You know, it's interesting. Your character has literally been stripped of all of his stuff - his outfit, who he is, [been] taken from his people and everything else.' It's just been rough, all of it. It's been a rough season for me and for all of us. We're not together as much as we're used to being. It's been hard."
The Walking Dead fans, and especially Norman Reedus Fans found Season 7 very difficult as well. They complained that it was boring, depressing, and Reedus fans did not like seeing Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon degraded. The majority of TWD comic book fans love Season 7, but Norman Reedus fans and fans who have only watched the TV show are not enjoying Season 7 so far.

The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus, together with the whole cast of characters will be springing into action in 7B. The group is going to come together. Virtually very cast member will appear in Episode 9.

Norman Reedus's disturbing scenes in Episode 3, had a tremendous impact on his character Daryl Dixon. Daryl is a changed man after being beaten, tortured and abused. In Episode 8, Norman Reedus fans saw a different Daryl as he beat big Joey to death with a metal pipe without provocation. Could Daryl become a bit more like his brother?

Norman Reedus and Other Walking Dead Cast
Norman Reedus and Other The Walking Dead cast. [Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]

The Walking Dead fans will have to wait until February to find out just how Norman Reedus will play his crucial role in the Zombie thriller. What is obvious, though, is that fans will see a different Daryl Dixon.

Spoilers Ahead

The Walking Dead fans will be glad to see the cast finally fighting back again. Season 7A saw a substantial drop in their still impressive ratings. Fans complained the plot was moving too slowly and they hated seeing the cast, especially Norman Reedus as Daryl suffering so.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon will come back with a vengeance in February. Daryl is a wild-card in this comic book driven season. The writers are sticking to the source material implicitly in Season 7 of The Walking Dead. Fortunately, though, Daryl isn't in the comic books and so fans might get a few surprises from him. Overall, for those who have read the comics. Season 7 is pretty much by the book.

Season Spoilers

The Walking Dead Season 7B may be sticking close to the source material, with Rick's group teaming up with other civilizations to fight Negan, but the writers have introduced one other wild card, besides Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon. There will be a group of young people who have found refuge among the refuse. These people have made their home in a garbage dump. This group is not in the comics, but according to the video below, they will be a part of The Walking Dead Season 7B.

Before Norman Reedus fans anticipate what Daryl Dixon will do, they will need to take into account that Daryl has been forever changed by his experience.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes Spoilers

Sadly, Norman Reedus's wrathful mood will not be shared by Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes and some of the other cast. Rick according to Yibada will find his "compassion," which seems to be the last thing the group will need. They are going to have to toughen up to go against Negan. Still, Yibada contends that Rick will be a changed man. Grimes will become a better leader with impressive diplomatic skills.

Some of The Walking Dead's other cast members will try to cling to their new nonviolent kick, even in the face of this awful situation. It seems sad for those audience members who want more action, but the action is going to come this season, whether all the characters like it or not.

Spoilers About Jeffery Dean Morgan As Negan

For The Walking Dead and Norman Reedus fans who cannot stand Negan, there is good news and bad news. First the bad news...or good news for fans who like Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan, from Morgan's own mouth. Yibada quotes Jeffery Dean Morgan.

"In the show, I want to say we're at 104, 105 - something like that. So you can see now, if we do that math, that technically Negan would be around for at least another four years if the show were to go that long."
Of course, the comic books didn't have Norman Reedus, so maybe that will make a difference. It is hard to believe that if Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon wanted someone dead, it would take years for it to happen. Still, Negan will almost certainly survive Season 7.

For The Walking Dead fans who don't like Negan though, Episodes 9, 12 and 14 should be Negan free according to evidence found by the maker of the video above.

Melissa McBride of Walking Dead
Melissa McBride of The Walking Dead. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Death Spoilers in Season 7

Even Norman Reedus may not be able to save Sasha Williams according to Forbes. Forbes discovered that when Sonequa Martin-Green dies in The Walking Dead, probably in Episode 16, she will wake up on Star Trek: Discovery in a leading role. No one knows for sure that Sasha dies, but probably so since Sonequa Martin-Green has taken another job on Star Trek.

Will The Walking Dead's Sasha Williams die? Entertainment Weekly disagrees. They believe Sonequa Martin-Green can balance a starring role in Star Trek: Discovery with her already substantial role in TWD. It seems more likely argues Forbes that she will either die or take a far less prominent role in The Walking Dead.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon is going to be a force to be reckoned with in The Walking Dead's seventh season. Still, there will be casualties among the good guys too according to Yibada. There will likely be many deaths this season.

The Walking Dead will kill off more characters, which could be a problem for some viewers. Hollywood Take ventures to predict the death of Eugene and another character based on the comics.

"Some think he [Eugine] may take Holly's storyline from the comics. In the books, the Saviors took Holly instead of Eugene. Negan then brought her back with a bag over her head to hide the fact that she was already turned into a Walker. She then bit Denise. Of course, Denise is already dead on TWD. But Negan could still kill Eugene. And he could return with a bag on his head and bite someone else like Rosita or Tara."


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The Walking Dead Season 7B will also see a massive influx of new characters, from new groups. Their post-apocalyptic world is a lot bigger than Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon and Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes ever dreamed possible. It is anticipated that all the groups from the comics will appear, including the Oceanside group and the Whisperers.

The Walking Dead With Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln will return to AMC February 12, an internationally on February 13, 2017.

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