‘The Walking Dead’s’ Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, And Steven Yeun: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips From Daryl, Rick And Glenn

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and Steven Yeun have experienced the zombie Apocalypse as Daryl, Rick, and Glenn. They offer their experiences every week. Avid fans watch and learn how one might deal with a society suddenly gone horribly wrong.

In The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse, dangers are at every turn, but Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and Steven Yeun offer the viewers examples of heroic survival. It’s not just about zombie apocalypse survival. Sometimes it is about life. It is about always watching the situation, believing one’s own eyes and being ready to act when necessary.

Andrew Lincoln On Killing The Walking Dead Zombies

Andrew Lincoln talked about killing zombies to Entertainment Weekly. The first kill would be the hardest, and the most memorable. Andrew described his first zombie kill on the pilot of The Walking Dead, which he said was his favorite.

“I think it’s always your first. I mean, it would have to be the girl with the teddy bear. Funny enough. I’ve just seen an image of that teddy in a package, and I went, ‘Is that the teddy from the girl that I shot at the gas station?’ And they went, ‘yep.’ I think it was that.”


Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus’ characters Daryl, Glenn and Rick have become zombie killing machines on The Walking Dead since that first and most memorable kill in the series. It would be hard to kill a tiny little girl with a teddy bear, but that is what separates zombie survivors from zombie food.

Andrew Lincoln continues to describe another memorable zombie kill.

“I think the other one in that pilot episode when I put down the bicycle girl was probably the most profound one, because it’s when I understood what we were trying to do — is see the human behind the beast. And find some humanity, or lost humanity, in the monster.”

The Walking Dead zombies are not people anymore, and yet, for the characters in the first episode, it is so hard to phantom to what degree and in what way they are not. When the zombie apocalypse started, it was unimaginable for the characters, and Rick acted, with a bit of hesitation, but he acted. How many zombie movie characters have failed in that moment and been eaten or turned?

For Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun as Rick, Daryl, and Glenn, survival amounts to mental toughness. It is not so much in the killing but in not getting overwhelmed by the horror of the situation. From that first girl and her teddy, right up to Negan and his bat, that’s been the real challenge all along.

The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Doesn’t Always Bring Out The Best In People

As Norman Reedus points out, it isn’t always just the humanity in the monsters, sometimes it is the monsters within humanity. While Daryl Dixon is masterful with his crossbow and tough as nails, his greatest skill might be the ability to weigh the monster against the man inside everyone.

Walking Dead villain Jeffery Dean Morgan points out in the video below, that sometimes it isn’t so clear cut as good guys and bad guys. Even Negan doesn’t see himself as a bad guy.

Norman Reedus once told Maxim that it’s the ones who haven’t turned zombie Daryl has to watch out for. Not only are there bad people, sometimes there are people one should not trust in certain situations.

“There’s good people and there’s bad people, definitely. And a lot of times, it’s the people that you can’t trust. You know what a zombie is going to do and he doesn’t smile and pretend he’s not going to bite you.”

Norman Reedus makes a point, The Walking Dead zombies can’t really keep up their game face. It’s pretty obvious they just want to take a bite out of anything that moves. People, though, can be tricky.

The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse survivor Norman Reedus explains as he continues.

“That’s one of the elements of the show, and of the comic book, that makes it the most interesting; figuring out people, and people figuring out people…and what they’re willing to fight for, and what they’re going to run from. It’s very much like real life, especially in that circumstance. If there were a zombie apocalypse, people would be trying to break into your house.”

In The Walking Dead, one might not even be able to trust their own pastor. Remember when Reverend Gabriel Stokes, played by Seth Gilliam, locked his entire congregation out of the church and allowed them to be devoured by zombies because he was afraid to open the door?

Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and Steven Yeun surely remember. As Geraldine Brooks wrote in the Years of Wonder, a book about another plague, long ago, fearful times can make monsters of us all. Brooks is quoted by the Ticking Mind.

“These times, they do make monsters of us all.”

Yet, in The Walking Dead, as Norman Reedus’ portrayal of Daryl, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and Steven Yuen’s Glenn illustrate, the opposite is also true. Brooks also said plagues make heroes.

“This plague will make heroes of us all, whether we will or no.”

And so, perhaps a bit of Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon is in all humanity, but then too, so is the fearful Gabriel Stokes and the perpetually angry Negan. It is just a matter of learning as Reedus indicated which situation is going to bring out the worst, or the best, in which person.

The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Health Care Plan Isn’t The Best

Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan are Glenn and Maggie Rhee on The Walking Dead. [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Steven Yeun’s character Glenn just wanted to take his pregnant wife to the hospital, but someone put up a road block, and now Glenn is dead. In hindsight, Maggie would have been far better off at home with her feet up. Access to health care can be quite problematic in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead characters are always stockpiling medicines and first aid supplies. Characters have died just to obtain such valuable items as antibiotics, pain killers, and surgical equipment many times.

Norman Reedus’ character Daryl saved a life once simply by remembering his brother’s stash of antibiotics.

Steven Yeun, as Glenn, risked life and limb to bring Andrew Lincoln’s character Rick’s wife products from a pharmacy.

The Walking Dead fans who honestly believe some kind of apocalypse, zombie or otherwise could happen, even if it is simply a natural disaster, might consider gathering a very extensive first aid kit and gaining at least some medical knowledge.

The Walking Dead Contract Negotiations Can Be Even More Dangerous

The Walking Dead zombies’ jaws can be far less threatening to the life of an action star’s character than contract negotiations. Those can be quite deadly for characters, and take place on all shows every three, five or seven years.

Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln have already made it through contract negotiations for Season 8, according to Siver Times. While “no one is safe” on The Walking Dead, at least they won’t die in contract negotiations.

Sometimes It’s Just Up To A Higher Power, In This Case Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman, creator of ‘The Walking Dead.’ [Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]

Steven Yeun’s Glenn Rhee was a master of The Walking Dead’s zombie survival routine. Glenn had a lot of fight and a fast, wiry physique. Yeun has the endurance to run for days, but sometimes it’s not always a matter of strength and skill. Sometimes, your time’s just up. Glenn died because his death had already been written by the prophet Robert Kirkman in the sacred The Walking Dead comic book.

In The Walking Dead And In Life People Can Be Monsters Or Heroes. Why Not Be A Hero?

No matter Steven Yeun’s fate as Glenn on The Walking Dead, Yeun told Entertainment Weekly, he was grateful to be a role model for Asian Americans.

“I do remember feeling that way [that an Asian could not be a TV hero] myself growing up. I didn’t have a Glenn. I didn’t have someone to watch on television. I didn’t have someone where I can say, ‘That’s my face, and my face is being accepted by everybody watching this program.’ That’s the greatest honor that I’ve gotten to experience.”

Norman Reedus also represents a certain demographic, that is often maliciously portrayed. Before being cast in The Walking Dead, Reedus was perpetually cast as a rapist, murderer and sometimes serial killer as explained in the Inquisitr. Hopefully, Reedus too can now represent a truly strong working class male, a hunter, woodsman, and biker as a hero, not a dangerous villain.


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The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln is also a great hero and role model as Rick. Rick shows the inner conflict far more than Norman Reedus’ Daryl, or even Steven Yeun’s Glenn. As such, it might at times make him seem a bit less heroic, but it is through his compassionate eyes, not quite as jaded by the current situation as some of the others, that fans see a bridge between two worlds — the world of zombie apocalypse and the world most Americans still live in.

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, and Steven Yeun portray three great heroes, Daryl, Rick and Glenn to encourage the hero in all people.

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