When Will ‘Super Mario Run’ Come Out On The App Store? iOS Release Update And Latest Buzz

The new Super Mario Run mobile game comes out today for the Apple app store, as the iOS release date was announced to be December 15. However, as of this report, the game had yet to officially be available on the popular apps store. That has mobile game users wondering when the Super Mario Run game will actually be there for download and install. Here’s the latest information regarding Super Mario Run release date, how to stay updated, and the latest buzz on this hot new gaming title.

According to Polygon in their latest report, Thursday, December 15 is the official release date for the new Super Mario game. It will be made available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices exclusively for those compatible Apple products. Mobile device owners will need to get the game at the App Store on their phone, once it becomes available. As mentioned, the game had yet to hit the store as of Thursday morning.

The Super Mario game is said to take up 205 megabytes when it is installed. It will require at least iOS 8.0 as the device’s operating system, but most devices these days are beyond that particular version. As mentioned, only compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPad touch can download and install the new game.

Super Mario characters Mario and Luigi at event
The popularity of the Mario games and its characters has continued over three decades. [Image by Getty Images]

The new Super Mario Run game is bringing plenty of excitement because of the fact it is a throwback to the side-scrolling fun found in the original Mario titles. The popular Nintendo character first burst onto the scene in 1985 with Super Mario Bros. The popularity grew exponentially from there, as more games followed featuring Mario, his brother Luigi, the Princess, and, of course, Yoshi. Most recently, there’s been popular games such as Mario Kart and Mario Maker.

If that wasn’t enough, Japan is launching a theme park to celebrate the pop culture phenomenon of the game and its characters. Several days ago, CNBC reported that the park is set to launch by 2020. It will be a Universal Studios and Nintendo venture known as Super Nintendo World and will appear at the Universal Studios in Japan. The specialized theme park will open just in time for the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan. It’s said the park will cost 50 billion yen ($434 million in U.S. dollars) and is on the same scale as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Super Mario Run release date for iOS
Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Minamoto at iPhone announcement event. [Image by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]

Until the park opens, fans of the hit game and its characters will be anxiously awaiting the Super Mario Run release date as an iOS app at the App Store.

According to Wired, Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Minamoto discussed various aspects of the new game, including how the idea came about from YouTube videos.

“When you look at videos of super players who are very good Super Mario Bros. players, they tend to run all the way through the course without ever stopping. Our feeling was that by having this iPhone game in which Mario runs automatically and all you do is jump, we would actually have quite a bit of leeway to be able to create something that’s simple and easy for anyone to play, but still has some of that challenge and skill that super players desire.”

The new game will feature only one action to go through various obstacles and levels. It’s been reported that the game will keep Mario moving towards the side of the screen, but the player will have to make Mario jump. In the old NES title, the player advanced Mario around the levels. It should be an interesting take on an old classic, combined with the speed-run concept seen online today.

To stay updated as to when the game arrives for iOS, Heavy indicates that gamers can set up notifications. This is done by going to the app store and performing a search for Super Mario Run. Customers will see a “notify” button near the game unless it’s available. Customers will need to tap that button, and doing so provides an instant alert once the game is available. Keep in mind it is likely to be a popular title with a ton of traffic flooding the store for the download.

Update 12/16: The Super Mario Run game is now available for download from the Apple app store.

[Featured Image via Stephen Lam/Getty Images]