‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Maxie Spill The Secret? Jason And Sam May Find Out Gender Of Baby Whether They Want To Or Not

Maxie Jones is on a mission this week on General Hospital, but it may just end up getting her into big trouble. Everyone who watches this ABC soap knows exactly how this girl works. She just can’t keep a secret to herself at all, and now that she has an envelope with a juicy bit of information in her hot little hands, she may not be able to contain herself. Unfortunately, whatever she does with it is bound to affect Sam Morgan.

The secret that Maxie may just spill soon is whether Sam and Jason Morgan are having a boy or a girl. They have not opened the envelope to reveal the gender of their baby, but on yesterday’s episode of General Hospital, Maxie was kind of appalled that they would not want to know this information. As posted by Soaps She Knows, the future Mrs. Nathan West grabbed that envelope as fast as she could when Sam wasn’t looking, and that spells trouble.

[Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]
[Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

Sam is now in her third trimester with Jason’s second child, and they are as happy as ever. They just recently got remarried and settled down with their son, Danny. This unexpected surprise has them and all JaSam fans quite excited. Sam is not sure yet whether she wants to know the gender of this one, which is why she is just carrying the reveal around with her for right now. She may change her mind eventually before the baby is born, but Maxie may just let the cat out the bag before that happens.

Being the excellent party planner that she is, Maxie is thrilled to throw a baby shower for Sam, and she is okay with that. Little does the expectant mom know that it looks like this will not be just any ordinary shower, but a possible gender reveal party.

Maxie being Maxie, she thinks she knows what is best for everyone. With the future spoilers down the road, it looks like this may be headed for a disaster. Sam will most likely want to share this personal bit of information with Jason first, not with all of Port Charles. General Hospital fans love the friendship between these two women, but things may go awry if Maxie chooses to go ahead with this baby fiasco without Sam’s knowledge.

According to Soap Central, Felicia is expected to get a visit from her daughter, who is starting to feel a bit guilty about uncovering Sam’s secret. Does Sam find out about her baby reveal plans or is Maxie just feeling guilty about knowing the gender of the JaSam baby before they do?

[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NATAS]
[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NATAS]

Every time there is a pregnancy involved in a soap, drama always seems to unfold eventually. Jason and Sam have had their share of it along the way, but hopefully, this child will be born healthy. Of course, there could very well be something happening with the birth that may worry those General Hospital viewers who are JaSam fans. Sam has already lost a baby in the past, so hopefully this one will be fine.

Of course, something could happen with Jason, Sam, and Curtis’ investigation into who killed Morgan Corinthos. With Sam being pregnant, she could get caught in the crossfire when this whole thing breaks loose. After all, there is an unknown enemy that has been keeping an eye on them, and that could be bad for Jason and Sam.

As for Maxie, spilling this secret isn’t really the worst that can happen, but for Sam, this is something special that she wants to share with her husband. Considering that she thought Jason was dead for a while, and he is now back with her and Danny, she may definitely get upset if Maxie goes ahead with spilling her secret.

Do you think Maxie will go ahead with her gender surprise for Sam? Will the JaSam baby be born without drama? Stay tuned to General Hospital to find out.

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