Is Drake Behind Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill’s Latest Breakup? [Rumors]

Drake has made no secret of his love for Nicki Minaj over the past few years, and rumors are now swirling that his admiration for the rapper could have something to do with Nicki’s latest alleged breakup with boyfriend Meek Mill.

According to reports, after months of drama between Meek and Drake amid reports the “Hotline Bling” rapper was looking to start dating Nicki following his recent split with Rihanna, his love for Minaj could potentially have had a little something to do with Mill and Minaj’s latest drama, which saw the two slam each other on Instagram last week.

Hollywood Life is alleging that, despite his longstanding feud with Mill, Drake recently sent Nicki a text to celebrate her birthday on December 8, but reportedly did not hear back from the “Starships” rapper.

An insider claimed that Drake supposedly “sent [Nicki] a few texts, wishing her a happy birthday and all,” but allegedly did not get a reply from the rapper, just days before sources claimed that Minaj and Meek got into an argument that saw Mill allegedly bail on their vacation to Turks and Caicos.

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill
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The site also went on to claim that Drake has also allegedly been glued to Minaj’s Instagram page in recent days, and is reportedly reminiscing about his friendship with Minaj after seeing Nicki flaunting her curves in a bikini in several snaps.

“Seeing [Nicki] in these pics is making him reminisce on the good times they had and how she used to grind on him in their music videos,” an insider alleged of Drake’s supposed feelings for Minaj amid reports the rapper may have undergone a breakup Meek, who she’s reportedly been dating since 2014.

“[Drake’s] looking at the bikini pics on social media… and is like da**,” continued the insider as the breakup rumors continue to swirl around Nicki and Mill. “[Drake’s] drooling at how beautiful she is and how her body is too much for any one man to have.”

Reports alleging that Drake has reportedly been attempting to contact Minaj in recent weeks, despite claims he’s recently been getting close to Jennifer Lopez, come just days after Urban Islandz reported that Nicki and Meek got into an argument just days before they were expected to take a vacation together, allegedly leaving Minaj to jet off solo.

Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj
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An insider close to Minaj and Mill claimed that the couple “had a fight” just days before their vacation, which allegedly led to a split and saw Nicki head to the Caribbean alone.

The Nicki source didn’t reveal exactly what the couple supposedly fought over and did not confirm if Drake’s alleged text to Minaj for her birthday caused drama for the two, but the site’s insider did claim that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill will more than likely be back together again soon, despite their reported split.

“I don’t think anyone really believes that they will be broken up for long,” the Nicki and Meek source told Urban Islandz amid the breakup rumors, which hit the headlines after Minaj posted several snaps to Instagram that alluded to her being single after a potential breakup with her fellow rapper.

“[Nicki and Meek] did have a fight and he was supposed to come down to the Caribbean but didn’t,” continued the source, but revealed that the two likely won’t be apart for long amid the split accusations. “This is just really become the norm for them, so just give them a couple of days they will be back on [Instagram] stunting.”

Nicki Minaj & Drake
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But while the source didn’t reveal if Drake had anything to do with Nicki and Meek’s alleged breakup, fans are speculating that the “Hotline Bling” rapper’s enthusiasm for Minaj could allegedly have been a source of contention for the two after Mill’s feud with the musician boiled over once again earlier this year.

Hollywood Life alleged back in October that Drake was supposedly looking to start dating Nicki, despite her romance with Mill, claiming the rapper was “infatuated” and supposedly ready to take things to the next level with Minaj after his split from Rihanna.

“Drake’s going to date around the block for a cool minute until the woman he truly wants is single — and that special lady is Nicki,” an insider alleged of Drake’s alleged plans to start dating Nicki after years of gushing over the female rap star. “[Nicki is] the epitome of everything he wants in a woman and to be honest, the dude is infatuated with her.”

The site then went on to allege just days later that Minaj was invited to Drake’s 30th birthday party amid the romance rumors, but reportedly opted not to attend at the request of Meek amid reports that Drake’s supposed “infatuation” with Minaj, Mill’s girlfriend of two years, sent their longstanding feud in meltdown once again.

“They had a fight about it,” claimed a source of Nicki and Meek in October, but revealed that Minaj allegedly decided not to attend Drake’s big party because “she didn’t want to hurt Meek’s feelings” amid Mill’s long and pretty nasty feud with his fellow rapper.

Do you think Drake could have played a part in Meek Mill’s latest alleged breakup with Nicki Minaj?

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