12-Year-Old Boy Hangs His Dog Because He Was ‘Mad’ At It

A 12-year-old boy has been arrested after he hung his dog from a door handle by it’s collar. He then told attending police officers that he “was mad at the dog” so he killed it.

The incident occurred on Friday afternoon in Salinas, California with officers attending the scene after someone from the child’s apartment called 911. It has been revealed that the caller hung up the telephone before they could give precise details over the nature of the emergency.

Police then decided to track the phone call, deciphering that it had come from the 300 block of Front Street, and, once they were at the door, no one answered. Law enforcement officers were then able to get a pass key to the apartment where they discovered the 12-pound terrier-mix dog.

He was found hanging from his collar off the boy’s bedroom door. The boy was arrested for the felony cruelty to an animal and then taken to Monterey County Juvenile Hall.

The boy’s name hasn’t yet been released due to his age, but this kind of action is widely believed to be a warning sign for future criminal and violent behaviour from the individual.

Cruelty to American dogs is becoming a more common occurrence, with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney admitting earlier this year that over two decades ago he tied the family dog to the roof of his car in an airtight container and then drove for 12 hours to Canada. Romney even then claimed that the dog enjoyed the experience.