Cloud Atlas Flops, Bested By Argo In Box Office Stakes

Cloud Atlas flops and Argo, a far less seemingly marketable film on its face, has beat out the epic romance drama in the box office stakes.

As Cloud Atlas flops with a measly $9.4 million take last weekend across 2,008 theaters, Argo has come out on top with a far stronger share of $12.4 million over the weekend in the number one spot, raking in a grand total of $60.8 million since it debuted three weeks ago.

Cloud Atlas, by comparison, landed in the third spot for box office rankings in its opening two days this weekend. The news Cloud Atlas flops is likely a big disappointment to studios, given the star-studded epic cost an astounding $100 million to make versus the more indie-flavored Argo.

The Huffington Post reported:

“Adding insult to injury, the sci-fi adaptation was also beat by Hotel Transylvania, which made $9.5 million in its fifth week. The movie has now earned $130.4 million which is record-breaking for Sony for animation movies … Distributed by Warner Bros., Cloud Atlas has received mixed reviews. Directors Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tywker oversaw the film’s adaptation from David Michell’s best-selling book. Mitchell himself reportedly thought the book would be unfilmable because of its broad fantasy aspects.”

The blog also notes that while Cloud Atlas may have flopped by many standards of expectation, given its massive budget and huge, expensive cast, the film did score the highest average per screen average of film in this weekend’s top ten list, with $4,681 takings on average in each theater carrying it.